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Stephanie Kloss: Palm Springs, City Hall (Albert Frey). @ketchembunnies – via Instagram

Bence Bakonyi: Urban landscape II. @lumas_australia – via Instagram

Sante Forlano: New York City Girls
@tabea.jahn – via Instagram

Sven Fennema: Sul Lago.
@lumas_spain – via Instagram

Christopher Woodcock: Sutter Stockton, San Francisco.
@malgorzata_grmm – via Instagram

Jens Hausmann: Modern house interior.
@lumas_budapest – via Instagram

How Gentle are the Waves by Francoise Gaujour

Francoise Gaujour: How Gentle are the Waves. @19wayne82 – via Instagram

Cat's Wave by Matthew Cusick

Matthew Cusick: Cat's Wave.
@juice501 – via Instagram

Li River, Guilin, Study 2 by Jonathan Chritchley

Jonathan Chritchley: Li River, Guilin, Study 2.
@goodlinkagency – via Instagram

Stefanie Schneider: Palm Trees on Wilcox.
@lumas_spain – via Instagram

Léo Caillard: House VI.
@lumas_spain – via Instagram

Larry Yust
@nina_brandos – via Instagram

Miss Everywhere’s Favorite Spots

An exclusive interview with renowned travel blogger Miss Everywhere, conducted by Andrea Bruchwitz

What is the craziest experience a person can have in Dubai?

Skydiving over the Palm Islands or booking the underwater suite in the Atlantis and spending the night surrounded by sharks. Or take a trip out into the desert for some adrenaline pumping dune bashing followed by an unforgettable Bedouin dinner.

What destination is recognized too infrequently for its breathtaking beauty?

To me, Greece is the most beautiful country in all of Europe, especially the Cyclades. There are several dream islands in addition to the famous islands like Santorini and Mykonos. Milos has amazing volcanic beaches that shimmer in breathtaking red and brown hues. On its white beach, Sarakiniko, you feel like you are on the moon. Folegandros is a small island with a population of about 700, and it remains very natural, making it the perfect place to relax.

What restaurant in Los Angeles is an absolute must-visit?

Sage. Even for non-vegans, this bistro is a winner thanks to the wide variety of extraordinary and fresh dishes on the menu. I remember my first dining experience at Sage – I had no idea what I actually ordered. But everything was so delicious! With outlandish vegetable variations, curries, fresh-baked desserts, and vegan ice cream, Sage is definitely worth a visit when you’re in L.A.

Where is best view in all of Paris?

At the Basilica of the Sacred Heart overlooking Montmartre hill. It’s the perfect view of the city including the Eiffel Tower.

Where do you go in Berlin for expert mixology?

Monkey Bar. Not only do they transport you to another world with fancy and exotic cocktails – including one made with Cuban rum and chocolate – but there is also an atmospheric rooftop terrace with a great view of the city. Perfect for a relaxing summer evening.

Where can you relax in Istanbul and forget about everything else going on?

You can really switch off in the spa of the Four Seasons at the Bosphorus. From jetlag treatments to facials to body scrubs to massages to mani-pedis, they have everything for a perfect wellness day. The Turkish bath ceremonies, also known as “Hammam,” are a real highlight.

What's a place in New York you could just stay at forever?

At Cookie DŌ NYC, the world’s first cookie dough shop. You can choose from 14 types of raw cookie dough. You can get it just like ice cream in a dish or a freshly made cone, including sprinkles, coconut, or marshmallows. There’s so much hype surrounding the shop right now that the lines can be up to 2 hours long. My tip? Beat the rush by getting there at 10am!

What sites in Rome should a person stop at and stay for a while?

There are so many great places in Rome! You should stop to really take in Trevi Fountain, the largest fountain in all of Rome. At over 160 feet wide, it is also one of the most photogenic fountains in the world. The area may be teeming with tourists, but that’s because it’s one of the most beautiful monuments in all of Rome!

Where is the hospitality so overwhelming that it gives you goosebumps?

In Jordan, a country full of surprises, both geographic and cultural. The people there were very genuine and helpful. They were especially pleased to see our interest in their country and customs. We spent some time with one family, for example, who cooked with us and taught us their grandmother’s recipes!

And lastly, any secret tips for under-the-radar destinations?

For an absolutely amazing, off-the-beaten experience, visit the small island Fernando de Noronha in Brazil. It has the most fantastic, secluded beaches. Or else try the cute markets all around Tulum, Mexico, a former hippie village in the Riviera Maya.

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