AI Art: Artistic Intelligence

Slender O’Kenoshi

vader in vogue

Slender O'Kenoshi creates the parallel universe of a parallel universe: stories about intergalactic burnout prevention on the planet Hothon-4, a sanitarium for the soldiers of the dark side.

Steve Glashier

pop art poses

Steve Glashier doesn't represent the world, he reinvents it: with a futuristic aesthetic, his works bring creative visions to life in neon colors. A luminous homage to the extraordinary.

Violeta Verve

desert verde

Like postcards from another world: Violeta Verve's works move between time and space, between precision and free spirit, between pastel and neon and between nature and innovation.

Sophia Winters

cars & pools 01

Contrasts melting in the evening sun. Glassy pool surfaces reflecting the modern zeitgeist: Sophia Winters pours social studies into aesthetic forms.

Tom Baker

work break

A superhero fascinated by everyday life. Tom Baker is the ingenious concept of a creative collective that explores the boundaries of modern technologies: An artistic intelligence that participates in prompts to reflect modern desires.

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