New Artworks

Jamal Bassiouni is a young and emerging visual artist and painter from Alexandria, Egypt. His brightly colored acrylic paintings reference themes from nature and history, turning them into an intricate visual web.

Franck Gérard is a visual artist from Angers, France, whose diverse background in computer graphics, photography and architecture is reflected by the multifaceted nature of his prolific output.

Drawing on pop art, punk, and graffiti, the street-art collective the Postman Art depict 20th-Century icons like you’ve never seen them before. This collection of unique stamp-shaped portraits commemorates historical figures in a distinctly modern fashion.

Collage artworks are alive with creative energy - dynamic, diverse and surprising. The artist Jesper Krijgsman’s vibrant tableaus compile flora and fauna into exotic dreamscapes, skillfully combining natural and fantastical motifs.

Iannis Pledel merges painting and photography to create artworks with various levels that each complement and complete one another.

More new art: