Impressionist Landscapes for Sale

Landscapes are one of the most storied and appealing genres of pictorial art. Through the impressionist prism, they are one of the original sites for contemplation about the distance between our raw perception and the objects we seek to depict and describe in art and science. Explore our curated collection of artworks inspired by impressionist landscapes.

Impressionist Landscapes: A Curated View

Impressionism began with going outside. Against highly formalized academic styles and conventions that dictated the painterly depiction of nature in 19th century Europe, pathbreaking artists like Camille Pissarro, Claude Monet, and Alfred Sisley left the studio for the outdoors. This grouping of impressionist artists rendered lakes, rolling hills - and Sunday afternoons on La Grande Jatte - in line with the aesthetic naturalism discovered through direct perception.

In historical terms, we associate impressionism with the famous impressionist oil paintings of water lilies and haystacks by Monet, Pissarro's wooded and bucolic landscapes, or classic depictions of American cities by the impressionist painter Childe Hassam.

In some ways, the impressionist landscape shares much with other artistic approaches, including abstract landscapes. Abstract expressionist works by Mark Rothko, for example, have sometimes been understood as a kind of landscape. Intricately constructed, such works are nevertheless created out of the perceived formal logic of an imaginative landscape as it is available to the artist. An impressionist landscape, by contrast, cleaves more closely to a real object, not surrendering realism in its pursuit of aesthetic truth.

The Lumas Portfolio of Impressionist Landscapes

The Lumas portfolio includes breathtaking impressionist landscapes, redolent with stylized variations on light and atmosphere, and created with many techniques, from digital to drawing, and from photography to painting. Explore work by our landscape artists working in impressionist tradition, including Klaus D. Francke's aerial landscapes have an unmistakable impressionist quality, especially in their use of color. Peter von Felbert's radiant haystacks are a touching send-up to Claude Monet.

Our impressionist landscapes are available as limited-edition prints, typically produced in print runs of 75-150, which arrive signed by the artist and ready to hang and mount.

Highlight: Harald Klemm

Harald Klemm's paintings of idyllic country scenes move us with their simplicity and their rich, thick color.

Curated Impressionist Landscape Photography and Prints