Ursula Cyriax


2017 / 2017
Limited Edition, Edition of: 100, Signed
13.8 x 72.8

Cut-Out Wall Art
An impressive piece of wall art featuring an inseparable synthesis of word and image. The ¼”-thick (6mm) acrylic glass mounting provides a striking, sculptural appearance.

13.8 x 72.8" (External dimensions)

$ 1,399.00
Plus tax and $ 54 in shipping. | Article No. UCY02
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Background Information about Ursula Cyriax
Ursula Cyriax makes images and words into one inseparable entity. She directs our attention to the American west coast, setting the Los Angeles skyline inside the letters of words “Change” and “Dream” in a celebration of the region’s spirit of progress. Her work points out how the City of Angels has become synonymous with the American Dream, and how it also emanates the spirit of innovation found across the entire west coast – from NASA’s jet propulsion lab in Pasadena to all the world-changing developments that come out of Silicon Valley.

In this way, the artist illustrates the constant transformation initiated by global events. In addition to an inspiring message, these pieces have an impressively sculptural appearance: the photo prints are mounted on aluminum Dibond under ¼” of acrylic glass.

“We can learn to be happy by thinking differently, by changing our focus,” says Ursula Cyriax. She ascribes to this philosophy, creating artworks that are not beholden to the rectangular boundaries of traditional photographs.
Ursula Cyriax studied Art in Hamburg, Berlin, and New York. Not only does her resume include design work for the Guggenheim Museum, she was also an Art Director for various films and television shows. Cyriax has been exhibiting her work in exhibitions throughout Europe and the USA since the 1970s. She lives and works in Berlin.