You are my Sunshine by Shane Wheatcroft
Limited Edition, Edition of: 150, Signed
2021 / 2022 SWH06
Shane Wheatcroft
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You are my Sunshine

You are my Sunshine
Shane Wheatcroft. Limited Edition, Edition of: 150, Signed
19.3 x 15.4

A multi-layered work inspired by traditional collage aesthetics with captivating three dimensional depths.
Frame color: black

20.9 x 17.0" (External dimensions)

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Background Information about Shane Wheatcroft
Shane Wheatcroft's collages offer an unusual and astonishing glimpse into the inner workings of the human mind. With a charmingly retro feel, they feature a variety of characters and corresponding motifs. The possibilities for interpretation are manifold. At times the subject appears to commemorate love lost and, at others, seems immersed in daydreams. In doing so, Wheatcroft cleverly manipulates the ambiguity of the eye, which can act as both a window to the soul and a witness to one’s surroundings.

The starting point for Shane Wheatcroft’s works is spontaneously discovered materials, from which he draws inspiration and further constructs a motif. He favors old magazines and books, which suit his retro aesthetic. The artist finds his source material at flea markets, second-hand bookstores, and family bookshelves – all of which he frequents. Through this method, he has built an immense archive, from which he can regularly pull ideas and material for his new projects.

For most of his career, Wheatcroft worked as a painter, only recently specializing in the art of collages. A prominent contributor in this change of direction was English conceptual artist John Stezaker, who also produces surrealist collages from discovered materials. In addition, the works of Andy Warhol, Peter Blake, Cindy Sherman, and Linder Sterling are credited as sources of inspiration.
Born in Colchester, England - 1974
Lives and works in Sittingbourne, Kent, England