Erste Symphonie by Daniel Reiter
Daniel Reiter

Erste Symphonie

2016 / 2016
Limited Edition, Edition of: 100, Signed
59.1 x 16.5
Last prints

Mounted under acrylic glass - Lumasec

(6x) 59.1 x 16.5" (External dimensions)

$ 5,990.00
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Background Information about Daniel Reiter
The young photographer Daniel Reiter presents the endless expanse of the deep blue sea in a series of intense, atmospheric images that capture the ocean’s many moods. Named after a winter storm that produced huge waves off the Moroccan coast, the Hercules series combines the contemplative calm and the thunderous energy of the Atlantic. In these timeless seascapes, the natural power of the elements is laid bare; distant traces of civilization let us observe the photographs in an almost meditative state. The power of the ocean washes over us with the breaking waves.

These intoxicating images of the sea were shot along the shore of Tamraght, a coastal town in Morocco that has become a surfer’s paradise – a familiar theme in Reiter’s work. Whether it is as a physical challenge or a source of calm and place to reflect on the fundamentals of life, the open ocean has always had a magical effect on people. Reiter captures this fascination in remarkable, minimalistic photographs. We become caught up in the blue waters and the peaceful sky on the horizon, the sea symbolising both freedom and eternity.
1980Born in Munich, Germany
Trained to be a photographer under Peter von Felbert
Lives and works in Munich, Germany