Mark December 10 in your calendar now – and get ready for Sebastian Magnani to disrupt the art world in true superhero fashion. A limited number of the artist’s hand-signed artworks will be available to purchase in the LUMAS ART DROP for only $399. These editions will only be available for purchase in a 24-hour window between Friday, December 10 at 6pm and Saturday, December 11 at 6pm. Once this time has passed, the artwork will return to the shadows. Don’t miss out.

Art Drop

Sebastian Magnani – The Book I
Größe: 23.6" x 35.4"
$ 399

Sebastian Magnani

For me, there is only one true superhero. Our collaborative journey has only just begun.

Sebastian Magnani

What does a superhero do after a long day of saving Gotham City from criminal clowns and ruthless gangs of outlaws? They call it a day, enjoy a glass of cognac in a stylish hotel bar, smoke cigars, maybe even read the newspaper. They deserve a little leisure after a rough day full of challenges and merciless fights -sometimes even superheroes need rest and relaxation. At least that’s the story Sebastian Magnani’s photographs depict - after all, a superhero without superpowers overcomes his opponents through will and ingenuity. He may sometimes need a break, but his brooding demeanor and elegance always remain. Magnani skillfully captures the aura of the mysterious vigilante and places it within the context of our normal, everyday reality. Thus, colliding two worlds, surprising and inspiring us.