Multi-Piece Art: One Artwork with Standalone Components

Multi-piece works of art are a sight to behold, creating a stronger overall impression than the sum of their individual components! To maintain a strong connection between the pieces, it’s recommended to put pieces of the same size in a neatly aligned row. Multi-piece works with elements in different sizes require a well thought-out arrangement. Our suggestions for hanging the LUMAS multi-piece works are provided in picture format on the details pages. Ideally, the works should be about 2- 4 ¾ inches (5-12 cm) apart.

A multi-piece work

A multi-piece work

Renee’s Dream, a multi-piece artwork by Stefanie Schneider

“Renee’s Dream”, a multi-piece artwork by Stefanie Schneider

Selected LUMAS Multi-Piece Artworks:

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