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From his peaceful studio in rural England, Bremer creates vivid, thrilling portraits that are alive with emotion and expressive detail. Patterns, textures, text and swathes of bold color clash and combine in his vivid glue-and paper collages. Having studied a variety of artistic techniques, Bremer was instantly fascinated by inherent possibilities of collage. The medium allows him to incorporate elements from disparate fields such as nature photography, fashion and typography in his art, and thereby question and explore a wide spectrum of human identity and accomplishment.

Bremer’s collages echo the traditions of the medium, hand-cutting and gluing and countless fragments of repurposed paper from old textbooks, maps, posters and magazines. Every single cutting is applied to the canvas by hand, lending each work a painterly sense of expression and character. Through this technique, he strives to explore the hidden connections and tensions that exist within each person, as well as the ways in which we are all influenced by our social and cultural contexts. Despite his traditional methods, Bremer’s sense of composition and style is emphatically modern and individual. As an artist, he continually experiments with the boundaries of the genre to create works that are entirely original.


Patrick Bremer is an award-winning English painter and collage artist. Born in Brighton in 1982, Bremer studied painting at the Wimbledon School of Art in London. His collage artworks have featured in several group and solo exhibitions around the world, including public commissions from clients including the BBC and Google. Bremer’s art has also appeared in publications including the Times Literary Supplement, Der Spiegel and the New Yorker. A recipient of the DeLazlo Foundation Award from the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Bremer lives and works in rural Somerset.