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Background Information about Hush


Although originally from the UK, HUSH draws inspiration from the Japanese tradition and is known primarily for his work as an urban artist. His works bring together highly heterogeneous elements and techniques of classical image collage to create a distinctive and expressive visual language. The Japanese geisha figures forming the centre of most of his works, are accentuated, framed and contrasted by vibrant colours and patterns. Style, tonality, pattern, bold incisions all combine to create an intense rhythm of what are otherwise distinct pictorial elements. Yet this clarity remains highly charged. What at first glance appears to be airy and fluid is in fact perfectly calibrated. The viewer is struck by the traditional Japanese sense of perfection that informs the work. Exuding dynamic energy, his works reference a wide range of genres, styles and models. Finally, the erotically charged geishas, with their contrast-rich complexion and accentuated nuances, recall Araki’s photographic imagery.

HUSH incorporates a variety of inspirations and cultural elements into his work. The native Englishman feels at home all over the world and continuously searches for new ways to merge his experiences in Asia, Europe and the USA into his art. He focuses strongly on the female form, which remains a recurrent source of inspiration throughout his work. He studies them in various cultural contexts, but especially in moments where various elements intertwine. The artist is fascinated by the encounter of old and new, and also by the fusion of Asian aesthetics and Western ideas to create a new form.

His technique is an impressive homage to the dynamism and unconventionality of street art, to which HUSH feels strongly connected. The artist previously graffitied in the streets and his current works are reminiscent of the big city walls he once fashioned with spray paint. He combines different methods of street art with traditional artistic techniques to produce new effects.