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Christoph Bamberg

The first completely preserved photograph is from 1826 and was taken by French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Nièpce. In it, we see some buildings in the vicinity of the estate, Le Gras; the origin of architectural and city photography. Nearly 200 years later, photography has become an established art form in its own right and taken on spectacular forms – which you can now find in the LUMAS collection!

Bence Bakonyi’s Urban Landscape series is also characterized by the viewer’s elevated standpoint. With countless windows glimmering in a particular light, the composition becomes amazingly dense. LUMAS artist Larry Yust developed his own visual vocabulary. His “photographic elevations” seem like traditional city panoramas at first glance, but they offer much more: complexity, an abundance of detail, and deeply gripping emotions. American photographer Berenice Abbott created breathtaking black-and-white photographs showing New York’s achievements in architecture.

Discover the unique history and aura of cities like Paris, Rome, and Venice, preserved for all time in the atmospheric work of Christian Stoll, Tomy Nagy, and Henning Bock.

Christoph Bamberg, LUMAS Curator

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