Affordable art - The LUMAS art sale

Contemporary art can be more affordable than you think – browse our different formats and sales to find works that truly suit every budget. Throughout 2022, we’re offering a variety of events and sales, including time-limited art drops and seasonal Art Weeks. LUMAS is the best source of gallery-quality artworks and prints for your own walls.Our ever-growing art selection features original and exclusive works from renowned contemporary artists, exciting newcomers and classic works.

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 Affordable art Meer der Wiener by Josh Von Staudach
Meer der Wiener
Josh Von Staudach
from $ 849  to $ 2,390
 Affordable art Schloss Marienburg by Wolfgang Mothes
Schloss Marienburg
Wolfgang Mothes
from $ 699  to $ 1,799
 Affordable art Frenchy (Marlene Dietrich) by George Marshall
Frenchy (Marlene Dietrich)
George Marshall
from $ 124  to $ 369
 Affordable art Havana, Plaza de San Fernando by Larry Yust
Havana, Plaza de San Fernando
Larry Yust
from $ 999  to $ 1,999
 Affordable art Corn starch by Sonja L.
Corn starch
Sonja L.
from $ 449  to $ 899
 Affordable art "bloom v7.2" by René Twigge
"bloom v7.2"
René Twigge
from $ 999  to $ 1,699
 Affordable art Illuminated IV by Clay Lipsky
Illuminated IV
Clay Lipsky
from $ 299  to $ 499
 Affordable art Sails of Rowdy by Jonathan Chritchley
Sails of Rowdy
Jonathan Chritchley
$ 449
 Affordable art Paris Balloons II by Robert Jahns
Paris Balloons II
Robert Jahns
from $ 659  to $ 989
 Affordable art NYC Penguins - Part II by Robert Jahns
NYC Penguins - Part II
Robert Jahns
from $ 509  to $ 1,089
 Affordable art Zebra Portrait by Wolf Ademeit
Zebra Portrait
Wolf Ademeit
$ 34
 Affordable art Illuminated II by Clay Lipsky
Illuminated II
Clay Lipsky
from $ 299  to $ 499
 Affordable art Barcelona by Martin Schwartz
Martin Schwartz
$ 39
 Affordable art Toronto Island Ferry by Pep Ventosa
Toronto Island Ferry
Pep Ventosa
from $ 799  to $ 2,690
 Affordable art Chevrolet Bel Air, 1957 by Thomas Meinicke
Chevrolet Bel Air, 1957
Thomas Meinicke
$ 699
 Affordable art Jeunesse dorée, Tegrou  by Farin Urlaub
Jeunesse dorée, Tegrou
Farin Urlaub
from $ 499  to $ 1,499
 Affordable art Stairway to Heaven by Eric Otto
Stairway to Heaven
Eric Otto
$ 799
 Affordable art Wailakurini, Timor-Leste  by Farin Urlaub
Wailakurini, Timor-Leste
Farin Urlaub
from $ 599  to $ 1,499
 Affordable art Los Angeles, Meadowbrook Avenue by Larry Yust
Los Angeles, Meadowbrook Avenue
Larry Yust
from $ 749  to $ 1,799
 Affordable art Hidden ocean 6 Crossota millsae by Kevin Raskoff
Hidden ocean 6 Crossota millsae
Kevin Raskoff
$ 399
 Affordable art Diorama #5 by Henning Bock
Diorama #5
Henning Bock
from $ 399  to $ 1,199
 Affordable art Bayerische Staatsoper by Rafael Neff
Bayerische Staatsoper
Rafael Neff
from $ 699  to $ 7,990
 Affordable art Brighton Beach Huts II by Michael Warrilow
Brighton Beach Huts II
Michael Warrilow
$ 799
 Affordable art Elizabeth Taylor II by Frank Worth by Classic Collection I
Elizabeth Taylor II by Frank Worth
Classic Collection I
from $ 119  to $ 239
 Affordable art Zürich Stadtansicht by Anja Neudert
Zürich Stadtansicht
Anja Neudert
from $ 999  to $ 3,190
 Affordable art River Lodge Motel by Marc Shur
River Lodge Motel
Marc Shur
from $ 449  to $ 2,590
 Affordable art Boris Godunow, Bolschoi-Theater, Moskau, 1976 by Robert Lebeck
Boris Godunow, Bolschoi-Theater, Moskau, 1976
Robert Lebeck
from $ 649  to $ 1,499
 Affordable art Marlon Brando in "The Wild One" by Classic Collection I
Marlon Brando in "The Wild One"
Classic Collection I
from $ 119  to $ 239
 Affordable art Eva Herzigova by Michel Comte
Eva Herzigova
Michel Comte
from $ 799  to $ 1,399
 Affordable art Hot air balloon soaring over London by Art Now Collection
Hot air balloon soaring over London
Art Now Collection
$ 70
 Affordable art Taj Mahal by Classic Collection Ill
Taj Mahal
Classic Collection Ill
from $ 119  to $ 239
 Affordable art Eden Project by Olaf Hajek
Eden Project
Olaf Hajek
from $ 749  to $ 1,599
 Affordable art Dress Rehearsal I by Stephanie Hecht
Dress Rehearsal I
Stephanie Hecht
$ 399
 Affordable art Carole Werner (Romy Schneider) by Clive Donner
Carole Werner (Romy Schneider)
Clive Donner
from $ 124  to $ 329
 Affordable art Underwater Music by George Karbus
Underwater Music
George Karbus
from $ 949  to $ 1,999
 Affordable art Deutsche Oper by Annika Feuss
Deutsche Oper
Annika Feuss
from $ 699  to $ 1,999
 Affordable art The Modern Paradise - Miami Beach 2 by Mijoo Kim & Minjin Kang
The Modern Paradise - Miami Beach 2
Mijoo Kim & Minjin Kang
from $ 499  to $ 899
 Affordable art Malibu Pier by Larry Yust
Malibu Pier
Larry Yust
from $ 599  to $ 1,399
 Affordable art N Lenn by Gottfried Salzmann
N Lenn
Gottfried Salzmann
from $ 549  to $ 1,299
 Affordable art Rose Cherry IV by Holger Lippmann
Rose Cherry IV
Holger Lippmann
from $ 949  to $ 2,790
 Affordable art New York City by Luc Dratwa
New York City
Luc Dratwa
from $ 599  to $ 1,999
 Affordable art Berlin III by Sandra Rauch
Berlin III
Sandra Rauch
$ 695
 Affordable art Jean Francois Lepetit-Romance x by Andrej Barov
Jean Francois Lepetit-Romance x
Andrej Barov
$ 399
 Affordable art Modern Era II by Carlos Gamez De Francisco
Modern Era II
Carlos Gamez De Francisco
from $ 699  to $ 1,299
 Affordable art Islander by Claudio Gotsch
Claudio Gotsch
from $ 899  to $ 1,399
 Affordable art EXUBERANCE II by Heiko Hellwig
Heiko Hellwig
from $ 549  to $ 2,190
 Affordable art Giraffes by Tom Nagy
Tom Nagy
from $ 999  to $ 1,599
 Affordable art Girl with a Sewing Machine by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
Girl with a Sewing Machine
Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
from $ 649  to $ 1,499
 Affordable art Exhale by Ania Luk
Ania Luk
$ 449
 Affordable art Tears of Joy by Leila Rose Fanner
Tears of Joy
Leila Rose Fanner
from $ 999  to $ 2,290
 Affordable art lost identity of value by Sun Young Byun
lost identity of value
Sun Young Byun
from $ 699  to $ 1,499
 Affordable art Kew Gardens II by Werner Pawlok
Kew Gardens II
Werner Pawlok
from $ 899  to $ 3,490
 Affordable art Last fly out by Cathrin Schulz
Last fly out
Cathrin Schulz
from $ 449  to $ 1,299
 Affordable art Mystic Forest by Christiane Steinicke
Mystic Forest
Christiane Steinicke
$ 369
 Affordable art St. Tropez by Sanda Anderlon
St. Tropez
Sanda Anderlon
from $ 699  to $ 1,599
 Affordable art Villa Lago di Garda by Matteo Thun
Villa Lago di Garda
Matteo Thun
from $ 649  to $ 1,299
 Affordable art Red Line by Sarah Johanna Eick
Red Line
Sarah Johanna Eick
from $ 649  to $ 1,999
 Affordable art Noire et Blanche, 1924 by Man Ray
Noire et Blanche, 1924
Man Ray
$ 479
 Affordable art Modern house with bassin by Jens Hausmann
Modern house with bassin
Jens Hausmann
from $ 799  to $ 1,999
 Affordable art Stained by Alexander Khokhlov
Alexander Khokhlov
from $ 699  to $ 1,499
 Affordable art Erg Ubari / Libya by Hans Gasser
Erg Ubari / Libya
Hans Gasser
from $ 649  to $ 1,699
 Affordable art Greta I by René & Radka
Greta I
René & Radka
from $ 749  to $ 1,599
 Affordable art Airfield V by Tom Hegen
Airfield V
Tom Hegen
from $ 799  to $ 1,299
 Affordable art Lion by Charis Tsevis
Charis Tsevis
from $ 999  to $ 1,799