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Vintage Art for Sale

From vintage beach art to classic design, and from classic cars to sci fi, shop our collection of limited-edition vintage art. Explore our curators selection of the most stunning vintage artwork from the LUMAS portfolio, containing a wide variety of classic motifs.

LUMAS vintage collections

Mid Century Vintage

The mid century 20th century has left us not only with countless stunning design artefacts and still useful furnishings. The art and design trends of that period are a major inspiration to vintage artists and designers working today.

 mid century vintage artwork: Pulse Flash by Beatrice Hug
Pulse Flash
Beatrice Hug
$ 2,790
 mid century vintage artwork: Lizard Tongue by Orlanda Broom
Lizard Tongue
Orlanda Broom
from $ 449 to $ 1,399
 mid century vintage artwork: Invasion by Martin Kasper
Martin Kasper
from $ 549 to $ 1,049
 mid century vintage artwork: Token by Gero Gries
Gero Gries
from $ 1,299 to $ 2,690

LUMAS vintage collections

Classic car art is a popular choice for automotive enthusiasts. As one of the great themes of classic art, vintage cars don't only take us back in time: they are a mirror onto how our lives have changed along with technology.

Vintage wall decor in your home

Whether decorating a dining room or a living room, the vintage theme is a strong choice for a home decor concept. Colorful vintage artwork, typical of Pop Art can set a commanding accent in a room, drawing a viewer's attention to its unusual color palette and motif. A more staid choice of black and white, by contrast, can help cultivate a calming, sophisticated atmosphere.

Among choices of artwork for a vintage style gallery wall, the aesthetic of the 1960's is a popular thematic choice. Another is art deco, with its strong focus on patterned art in a way that draws it close to modern design. Vintage sci fi art makes for a unique choice. Our collection of outer space art contains both stylish contemporary astrophotography and classic movie stills of Stanley Kubrick's Space Odyssey.

The vintage decor style is often actualized as part of a shabby chic aesthetic. The boho chic art and decor style calls on an ecclectic mix of casual furnishings, various wall hangings and objects, and art. Among the most popular aesthetics of the boho decor style is that of southwestern art, which calls to mind dusty, earth-toned desert landscapes and abandoned scenery. The farmhouse art style calls for similar tones and themes, with the aim of creating a relaxed, country house atmosphere.

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