Limited Editions

Limited Editions

Lumas limited edition prints and photography

At LUMAS you will find hand-signed, limited edition art prints by famous artists and rising stars. Choose from over 3,000 pieces with museum-quality mounting and framing. Online and in 25 LUMAS galleries around the world. Discover art you can't live without!

Explore our curated collection of limited edition artworks:

 limited edition: Miss B. Apartment by Luc Dratwa
Miss B. Apartment
Luc Dratwa
from $ 1,399 to $ 2,390
 limited edition: Life goes on by Ysabel Lemay
Life goes on
Ysabel Lemay
from $ 999 to $ 6,990
 limited edition: Terzett by Daniel Reiter
Daniel Reiter
from $ 1,199 to $ 2,290
 limited edition: Lazarus LV by Gavin Evans
Lazarus LV
Gavin Evans
from $ 1,599 to $ 3,590
 limited edition: Augmented Reality by Xavier Portela
Augmented Reality
Xavier Portela
from $ 649 to $ 1,999
 limited edition: The Lady of the Ibis by Daria Petrilli
The Lady of the Ibis
Daria Petrilli
from $ 499 to $ 1,199
 limited edition: Entry by Tommy Clarke
Tommy Clarke
from $ 1,199 to $ 2,390
 limited edition: Morning Flight by Jean - Marie Ghislain
Morning Flight
Jean - Marie Ghislain
from $ 1,399 to $ 1,799
 limited edition: Bruce Wayne Graffiti by Daniel Picard
Bruce Wayne Graffiti
Daniel Picard
from $ 1,399 to $ 1,599
 limited edition: NYC Balloons II by Robert Jahns
NYC Balloons II
Robert Jahns
$ 2,690
 limited edition: Lost Flamingos and Some Acquaintances by Pat Swain
Lost Flamingos and Some Acquaintances
Pat Swain
from $ 649 to $ 2,790
 limited edition: On the river by Vladimir Proshin
On the river
Vladimir Proshin
from $ 1,599 to $ 1,999
 limited edition: Head Turner by Greg Kadel | Trunk Archive
Head Turner
Greg Kadel | Trunk Archive
 limited edition: Dressed for Spring by Roman Johnston
Dressed for Spring
Roman Johnston
$ 1,149
 limited edition: Prada Marfa 8:48PM by Adam Mørk
Prada Marfa 8:48PM
Adam Mørk
from $ 299 to $ 1,199
 limited edition: Nora´s Sight by Luc Dratwa
Nora´s Sight
Luc Dratwa
from $ 1,299 to $ 2,490
 limited edition: Dual Nature by Daria Petrilli
Dual Nature
Daria Petrilli
from $ 499 to $ 1,099
 limited edition: Stanford, Five by Pep Ventosa
Stanford, Five
Pep Ventosa
$ 1,499
 limited edition: I'll Be Your Summer 05 by Isabelle Menin
I'll Be Your Summer 05
Isabelle Menin
$ 699
 limited edition: Peeping by Joseph Cela
Joseph Cela
$ 1,399
 limited edition: Bouncy IV.I by Peter Funch
Bouncy IV.I
Peter Funch
$ 6,590
 limited edition: Rocketman by Anton Sparx
Anton Sparx
from $ 1,299 to $ 2,290
 limited edition: If Only by Luc Dratwa
If Only
Luc Dratwa
 limited edition: Dream River 07 by Isabelle Menin
Dream River 07
Isabelle Menin
from $ 499 to $ 1,499
 limited edition: BANG! by Joe Mcdermott
Joe Mcdermott
 limited edition: Lago di Garda by Erik Chmil
Lago di Garda
Erik Chmil
from $ 999 to $ 2,290
 limited edition: Your Head is Full of Birdies by Peperina Magenta
Your Head is Full of Birdies
Peperina Magenta
 limited edition: Junge Heimat by Claudio Gotsch
Junge Heimat
Claudio Gotsch
from $ 1,699 to $ 2,190
 limited edition: SALT WORKS II by Tom Hegen
Tom Hegen
from $ 749 to $ 1,999
 limited edition: The Garden by Jens Hausmann
The Garden
Jens Hausmann
from $ 2,190 to $ 3,490
 limited edition: Seesaw Seascape V by Wolfgang Uhlig
Seesaw Seascape V
Wolfgang Uhlig
$ 2,990
 limited edition: Dream River 04 by Isabelle Menin
Dream River 04
Isabelle Menin
from $ 649 to $ 2,590
 limited edition: Manhattan by Zoltán Tombor
Zoltán Tombor
from $ 949 to $ 1,599
 limited edition: Divina by Ysabel Lemay
Ysabel Lemay
from $ 1,149 to $ 5,490
 limited edition: Penny&Wuffy by Federico Naef
Federico Naef
from $ 339 to $ 1,999
 limited edition: Threshold by Kate Shaw
Kate Shaw
from $ 999 to $ 1,599
 limited edition: Two Surfers by Peter Yan
Two Surfers
Peter Yan
from $ 1,499 to $ 1,999
 limited edition: Bitch (1) by Vincent Poole
Bitch (1)
Vincent Poole
$ 3,290
 limited edition: Kate by André Monet
André Monet
from $ 1,199 to $ 1,999
 limited edition: Piz Palü by Daniel Martinek
Piz Palü
Daniel Martinek
$ 899
 limited edition: Coming Home, Timeless Machine by Irene Kung
Coming Home, Timeless Machine
Irene Kung
from $ 899 to $ 1,699
 limited edition: Hamburg, Speicherstadt II by Horst & Daniel Zielske
Hamburg, Speicherstadt II
Horst & Daniel Zielske
$ 3,690
 limited edition: The Triumph Of Form by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
The Triumph Of Form
Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
from $ 499 to $ 2,190
 limited edition: Lechtaler Alpen by Rudolf Rother
Lechtaler Alpen
Rudolf Rother
from $ 549 to $ 2,290
 limited edition: Our New York II by Charis Tsevis
Our New York II
Charis Tsevis
from $ 899 to $ 1,999
 limited edition: Kate by Renaud Delorme
Renaud Delorme
from $ 1,999 to $ 4,590
 limited edition: Butterfly Grid yellow by Heiko Hellwig
Butterfly Grid yellow
Heiko Hellwig
$ 899
 limited edition: Lana by Billy & Hells
Billy & Hells
from $ 799 to $ 1,799
 limited edition: Raindrops In Hong Kong by Nancy Lee
Raindrops In Hong Kong
Nancy Lee
from $ 499 to $ 1,299
 limited edition: Temporal Perception #94 by Serge Hamad
Temporal Perception #94
Serge Hamad
from $ 1,299 to $ 2,290
 limited edition: First Love by Yeliza
First Love
from $ 699 to $ 1,049
 limited edition: Contemplation by Edward B. Gordon
Edward B. Gordon
$ 999
 limited edition: Freddie by André Monet
André Monet
from $ 1,049 to $ 1,999
 limited edition: Bauhaus Dessau I by Sabine Wild
Bauhaus Dessau I
Sabine Wild
from $ 599 to $ 1,999
 limited edition: Bloom by Ysabel Lemay
Ysabel Lemay
from $ 499 to $ 4,690
 limited edition: Antoinette Golden Tear by Olaf Hajek
Antoinette Golden Tear
Olaf Hajek
from $ 599 to $ 1,499
 limited edition: Big Tank IV by Hiepler & Brunier
Big Tank IV
Hiepler & Brunier
$ 749
 limited edition: The Cat by Pol Kurucz
The Cat
Pol Kurucz
$ 1,099
 limited edition: Blissful by Sven Fennema
Sven Fennema
from $ 999 to $ 1,699
 limited edition: Floating No.III by Bence Bakonyi
Floating No.III
Bence Bakonyi
from $ 549 to $ 1,399
 limited edition: Andy by Voka
from $ 649 to $ 1,399
 limited edition: Stockpile by Penelope Davis
Penelope Davis
from $ 599 to $ 2,590
 limited edition: Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, Paris by Rafael Neff
Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, Paris
Rafael Neff
from $ 599 to $ 2,690
 limited edition: Hills by Sanda Anderlon
Sanda Anderlon
from $ 549 to $ 1,149
 limited edition: Spiritual Utopia III by Rui Camilo
Spiritual Utopia III
Rui Camilo
from $ 999 to $ 2,990
 limited edition: Baltic Sea by Wolfgang Uhlig
Baltic Sea
Wolfgang Uhlig
$ 1,999
 limited edition: o.t. (Matterhorn) by Stephanie Kloss
o.t. (Matterhorn)
Stephanie Kloss
$ 4,590
 limited edition: "bloom v7.5" by René Twigge
"bloom v7.5"
René Twigge
$ 1,499
 limited edition: Pink Panther Grid by Nick Veasey
Pink Panther Grid
Nick Veasey
$ 849

Lumas Limited Editions

Our limited editions encompass a wide array of fine art photography and prints, by hundreds of famous and emerging artists. They are developed by our photo-lab partners as photographic prints, using the most cutting-edge development methods.

Unlike open editions, which can be reproduced indefinitely, limited editions are produced in quantities decided on in advance. They are printed in edition sizes of around 150. The number of copies with which the print run is conceived is fixed: after all the limited editions are sold, the print run is discontinued. Each work of art arrives with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing that it is an original work belonging to a specific print run, and containing the number of prints. All of our products arrive ready to hang and mount, and many arrive signed by the artist.