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Art Prints for Your Walls

Discover thousands of pieces of exclusive wall art from LUMAS, your online gallery for high-quality and limited-edition art prints. If you’re already looking for posters, prints, or visual artwork, then consider our exclusive art prints. What is an art print? An art print is a reproduced painting, photograph, or other artwork. At LUMAS you can find a wide array of wall art, from modern art prints and abstract art prints to black and white prints and photography prints. Our acrylic art prints are more vivid and luminous than canvas prints, which tend to absorb and repress light. With LUMAS you can purchase high-quality wall art online. Learn more about our collection, find your favorite theme, and turn the walls of your living room or office into gallery walls.

Miniature Art Prints

Limited Edition Art Prints: Hirst, Murakami, Monet

Whether you’re looking for treasures out of photographic history, a bird’s-eye view of a shipping tanker on the high seas, or vivid wildlife panoramas, you’ll find it in our online gallery or in one of our 29 galleries around the world.

In addition to art prints by greats like Damien Hirst or Takashi Murakami, our portfolio also includes works by promising up-and-comers like André Monet. Monet’s colorful collages pay tribute to icons of music, sports, and film. These images seize us with their colorful interplay between image and text.

Peter von Felbert's photograph of three haystacks reminds us of Monet’s namesake, Claude Monet. In his photographs, von Felbert plays with genres of photography and painting, applying the painterly style of impressionism to his photography. He uses special light filters, which evoke pointillism’s mosaic of colorful impressions. In addition to finding peaceful and serene locations, another of his trademarks is his deliberate selection of subject matter, sometimes unexpectedly omitting parts of an object from the pictorial frame.

Unique Art Prints on Skateboards

Warhol Wall Art
Andy Warhol Prints on Skate Decks

Discover our eye-catching skateboards with art prints from legends like Andy Warhol, René Magritte, or Jean-Michel Basquiat. Magritte's art prints play with our perception, and give new and unexpected meanings to familiar objects. They also transform the skateboard decks into unique works of art. Warhol's iconic Campbell Soups appear as novel and sui generis art prints on these skateboard decks. And yet still in the tradition of Pop Art, they dissolve the boundary between high culture and consumer design. In the 1970’s, Warhol’s friend Jean-Michel Basquiat left graffiti on buildings and painted window frames, doors, and clothing. These skateboards, which are also an unconventional medium for art prints, are also part of this tradition.

Explore our Diverse Art Prints

Whether you are looking for black and white prints, abstract art prints, or erotic wall art, we have the right art print for every art lover. Our art prints aren’t canvas prints, but instead are high-quality photo prints mounted on Aluminum Dibond. Are you looking for a particular theme? Choose from among portraits, landscapes, and panoramas. Our collection contains fashion-themed works and art prints of still lifes, landscapes, and animals. Be enchanted by our summer collection containing prints of the most beautiful beaches. Look out from your couch onto the New York City skyline, or head straight home with a Berlin art print. Come with us on a journey of discovery and experience the diversity of photo art.


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Buy Framed and Mounted Art Prints

Our curators and artists always recommend frames and mounting options for their art prints. But we also allow you to choose your own frames and mounting options. Aluminum Dibond is a particularly long-lasting material. We mount the photo print onto an aluminum composite plate. On the back of the print are pre-assembled gallery rails, so you can hang your art print fast and easy. You also have the option of face-mounting your print on acrylic glass. This protects your art print, but also gives the work fascinating depth and color brilliance. This sets it apart from the way canvas prints retreat into the shadows when not directly under light.

Experience Art and Find Inspiration with LUMAS

Canvas Art prints suppress light
Exclusive Art Prints in a LUMAS Gallery.

Let LUMAS guide you into the world of art prints. Browse online or in one of our galleries through our diverse collection of famous photographers and rising stars, and find your personal favorite among our thousands of fine art prints. Our art prints will give your spaces an individualized atmosphere, whether you are looking for something that blends right in, leaps off the wall, or testifies to your personality. Inspire yourself to be better – or inspire your walls to catch up. Figuring out how to mount acrylic prints can be a creative challenge. Click your way through our hanging and mounting tips to figure out the best way to hang your art prints. Looking for just the right art print for just the right room? Click your way through our pages on wall art for your living room, bedroom, or office to find out how to turn your space into a customized gallery.

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