Abstract Prints

Abstract Art Prints for Sale

Shop our curators' selections of abstract art prints. From gold and blue arabesques to abstract beach scenes, our collection of abstract prints contains a wealth of stylish purchasing choices. Introduce a modern artistic element to your home or office wall today.

Black and White Abstract Prints

Black & white and the abstract have much in common. Artworks by Jonathan Critchley and Helmut Hirler combine realistic subject matter with a black and white depiction in order to create scenes which illuminate the element of abstraction hiding behind the realistic.

Colorful Abstract Prints

Artist Orlanda Broom's circular flower prints combine vivid colors with an imaginative rendering of flowers. Kate Shaw's view of mountains and lakes is a wholly new experience, reminiscent of both cubism and watercolor. In her paintings, she creates a new kind of naturalism, drawn from our alienation from nature and founded on elements that remind us of plastic and two-dimensional objects.

 Fashion Art Prints: New Yorker by Sandra Rauch
New Yorker
Sandra Rauch
from $ 3,790  to $ 4,990
 Fashion Art Prints: Future Order by Orlanda Broom
Future Order
Orlanda Broom
from $ 499  to $ 1,699
 Fashion Art Prints: The only one in the world by Peperina Magenta
The only one in the world
Peperina Magenta
from $ 449  to $ 899
 Fashion Art Prints: Frontier by Kate Shaw
Kate Shaw
from $ 899  to $ 1,499

Abstract Beach Prints

Alison Shaw's alluring abstractions of the New England coastline draw us in to a scene in movement, embodying a natural momentum and haziness. Lacey's famous narratives are inspiring and surreal, with an almost claymation-like quality.

 Fashion Art Prints: #12 by Serge Hamad
Serge Hamad
from $ 1,099  to $ 1,599
 Fashion Art Prints: Stonewall Pond II by Alison Shaw
Stonewall Pond II
Alison Shaw
$ 1,499
 Fashion Art Prints: Barcelona, Donnerstag VIII by Ricoh Gerbl
Barcelona, Donnerstag VIII
Ricoh Gerbl
from $ 699  to $ 1,999
 Fashion Art Prints: Seaside by Lacey | Trunk Archive
Lacey | Trunk Archive
from $ 1,099  to $ 1,999

Framed Abstract Art Prints

Framed Abstract Art Print by Isabelle Menin
Isabelle Menin: Dream River 4

The abstract is something which by definition is not well-contained by the limits of our perception or in an artwork. Ranging across reality, and presenting us only with a cross-section of the imagination, an abstract print always has something of an unfinished quality. Framed art, by delimiting the subject matter and giving a presence and formality to an abstract artwork, allows you to close this chapter of the artistic journey and place a more "stable" piece of art on your wall.


Lenticulars are artworks which change as the viewer contemplates them from different angles. Beatrice Hug's dynamic abstract lenticular prints are a play on energy and color. Armand Dijcks' New York skylines take the viewer from sunrise to sunset.

Featuring Abstract Art Prints in Your Home

Abstract prints are versatile, and can be featured in any room of your home or office. Our curators especially recommend abstract prints for a wall in your bedroom or home office. Both rooms are congenial to works which establish a particular atmosphere and aid concentration. Smaller abstract prints can also be leaned against a wall, for example in a hallway, where you can co-opt the "internal momentum" or direction of a motif to help set the feng shui of the room in the directions in which people typically move through a room.

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