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Carl Miller’s dazzling high-resolution rendered pools immediately recall California’s mid-century architecture and invite the viewer on a bold journey into the world of the hyperreal. Blue oceanic expanses flicker in the background while glass-fronted bungalows are bathed in California light, gentle shadows and ruggedly sublime mountain ridges – all of it captured in evocative gradations of colour and high levels of detail. Even the smallest ripple in the pool and the shimmering reflections on the watery surface have been carefully composed into the picture. Nothing has been left to chance; all is combined to produce a multifaceted sensory meta-unit.
The greater the desired level of visual reality, the more permeable the membranes of the fantastic. The hyperreal produces a highly seductive counterpoint to the photographic and truly real. Not only does it place a rendered reality in an ideal light, but it also forces us to question our notions regarding the authenticity of things. On the one hand, these images allow us to revel deeply in unknown realms; on the other, we are skilfully led into an artificial oasis. Aware of the tension between these two spheres, our gaze comes together as one, for the pictures are like a physical reflection of our desires onto the fluid medium of our dreams and imagination.
Stephan Reisner


Born in Winnipeg, Canada
Studied Photography at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, USA
Lives and works in Seattle, USA