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Carl Miller’s large-format pieces allow us to take a look into the fantastic inner world of the artistic spirit through landscapes cast in crystal-clear blue and grey hues. Miller’s work is not truly a product of the world we live in, but rather of the world within his imagination. What we believe to see in his images is merely an impression of reality walking the tightrope between photography and digital image editing. Miller, who grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and quickly made a name for himself in the digital art scene. Operating within one of art’s comparatively newer genres, he doesn’t just react to our changing world, but also critically reflects the growing influence of new media on our society.

At first glance, we see Miller’s hyper-realistic bridges and watery landscapes, which are the result of a meticulous planning process. The majority of the work is done on the computer, where, in a very lengthy process, he realises the image in his mind pixel by pixel. Coincidence and intention, addition and reduction – these are the variables through which he translates the fantastic landscapes of his imagination into a picture everyone can see. Strictly speaking, his art comes closer to painting than to photography. Through digital manipulation and post-processing, he has the opportunity to create an idealised world without needing to base it on actual existence.

The question at the heart of Miller’s work is: what is reality? When an artist shows us something that could exist, does it automatically become “real” to us, i.e. is it then a part of our reality? He adeptly poses this metaphysical brainteaser, opening a window to another dimension that is usually only accessible to him.

Sarah Fassio


Born in Winnipeg, Canada
Studied Photography at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, USA
Lives and works in Seattle, USA