Nancy Wood


2016 / 2017
Limited Edition, Edition of: 150, Signed
27.6 x 39.4

The exquisite choice of a glassless frame impressively emphasizes the piece’s colors and the paper’s materiality.
framed, white

28.7 x 40.6" (External dimensions)

$ 1,499.00
Plus tax and $ 39 in shipping. | Article No. NWO02
12953 Vortex 1499 USD Nancy Wood InStock /artists/fluid alchemy /artist/nancy_wood /search/category/abstrakt_graphisch/catalog/topics/ /search/category/konzept_kreation/catalog/topics/ Lumas Painting micro image Abstract Print Patterns Pattern yellow red Pink blue amorphous colourful Explosion explosive powerful alchemy fluid spinning liquid whirlpool Vortex Liquid fluidity Lines Line Curves Curve pigment pigments pigment effects 2017-01-01
Background Information about Nancy Wood
Nancy Wood’s fascinating color explosions seem like extraterrestrial matter floating through time and space. Her Fluid Alchemy series reveals a power that grows organically through micro-explosions. The artistic creations feel like expressive, abstract paintings, but are in fact photographs.

Each piece is actually the result of countless attempts. Wood photographs hundreds of liquid reactions using various light sources – a poetic symbol representing what it means to capture the perfect moment. Nancy Wood says she is fascinated by the colorful, fluid structures and paint’s “willingness to go where I pour it, run where I tilt it, and flow where I push it.” Her exact technique, however, remains a secret.

Wood draws inspiration from abstract expressionists including the American painters Paul Jenkins and Helen Frankenthaler. We can recognize a similar lightness and a natural flow, in which new worlds of color are inevitably revealed.

“Although I cannot turn metal into gold or water into wine, this series for Lumas, 'Fluid Alchemy', aims to illustrate that I can at least try to make chemistry into art.”

Nancy Wood was born in London in 1961 and began to receive international acclaim for her abstract work in the 1990s. Her art has featured on British television and in publications such as ELLE Decoration. The artist lives and works on the English coast in Southampton.