Coffee and News by Sebastian Magnani
Small Open Edition
2019 / 2021 SMA401
Sebastian Magnani
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Coffee and News

15.6 x 11.7

Acrylic Print with Slimline Case - Slimline Black Acrylglas 2mm

15.7 x 11.8" (External dimensions)

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Background Information about Sebastian Magnani
What does Batman do after a long day of saving Gotham City from criminal clowns and ruthless gangs of outlaws? He calls it a day, enjoys a glass of cognac in a stylish hotel bar, smokes a cigar, maybe even reads the newspaper. He deserves a little leisure after a rough day full of challenges and merciless fights. Sometimes even superheroes need rest and relaxation. At least that’s the story Sebastian Magnani’s photographs depict, and it’s convincing - after all, Batman is the superhero without superpowers, he overcomes his opponents through will and ingenuity. He may sometimes need a break, but his brooding demeanor and elegance always remains.
Magnani skillfully captures the aura of the mysterious superhero and then places it within the context of our normal, everyday reality. Thus, colliding two worlds, surprising and inspiring us. The figure Batman becomes a person with whom we can identify with. Magnani doesn't portray the superhero as Bruce Wayne, who could walk into a bar at any time - he rather leaves him in his disguise. With this approach, Magnani creates a charming, unique Batman who behaves much differently than how you might expect.

Sebastian Magnani developed an interest in photography while completing an apprenticeship for media design. In 2011, after 5 years of creative work at an advertising agency, he decided to turn his passion into his profession. Since then he has worked as a photographer based in Zurich and has implemented various artistic projects. His series Daily Bat was inspired by a conversation that questioned: Who actually is the coolest superhero?


born in the canton of Valais in Switzerland

Working as a photo artist since 2011

Lives and Works in Zürich