The Color of the Year

2020 was an extraordinary year. A classic blue year, to be exact. For 2020, the Pantone Color Institute selected Classic Blue as the Color of the Year. This shade inspires calm and confidence in a year that needed just that, and it is a major source of inspiration. LUMAS is proud to present a selection of artworks that springboard from Classic Blue and follow the cultural Zeitgeist. Get inspired!

Classic Blue in Nature

The color of the year appears in many varieties in nature. There is the classic blue of the sky and the sea, as well as the luminous butterfly found in Heiko Hellwig’s art. It can be found in summer and winter, in the tropics, or in Siberia. The artworks below are an invitation to dream: swim with a whale or a polar bear through crystal clear waters, traverse vast landscapes and enjoy the heavenly views. Blue will be with you throughout the whole experience.

Simply Brilliant

Anton Sparx’s diamond “Hope” is especially stylish and elegant. This lenticular artwork uses tiny prisms to create the impression the diamond is glittering, showing off every nuance of the color. As the viewing angle changes, so does the image itself, moving and glittering right before your eyes. A world-famous diamond in a classic shade of blue – a winning combination!

Atmospheric Portraits

In these portraits, you won’t find the melancholy mood so commonly associated with the color blue. In our selection, the color of the year gives the subjects a special allure and sensuality. They are strong and self-confident like the color itself.

What the Color Experts Say

The color of the year is, as its name suggests, classic. It emanates calm and confidence, offering reassurance about changes that are yet to come. That is how the experts at the Pantone Color Institute have characterized this dependable hue. In this color, they recognize a connection to tranquility, and a challenge to expand our horizons. Classic blue maintains a successful balancing act between tradition and modernity. The Pantone Color of the Year is in tune with the spirit of the times, and it is a major inspiration in the creative process. At LUMAS, we have been deeply interested in this color and have put together a special selection of artworks for you. Like the color of the year, these works of art exhibit the same mood, the same confidence of classic blue.