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Capturing that magic moment, where extraordinary elegance meets casual coolness, is the challenge of fashion photography. Neither should it be too much, nor too little. What is eccentric becomes centered, and blends in seamlessly with its surroundings. Rafael Fuchs skillfully brings fashion and metropole into dialogue with one another with seemingly everyday street scenes. The pattern and fabric of a windswept coat reflects the geometries of the city, becoming one with it, making a well-dressed individual not just a passerby, but an element of metropolitan dynamics. This timeless masterpiece of urban fashion photography was shot in New York in 1986. The artist used only natural light and a small flash on the side. The photo is part of the series The Way We Live, which captures New Yorkers in ordinary, yet beautiful, moments of New York City life.

Rafael Fuchs is a Brooklyn-based artist, photographer, director, curator and producer. His work is diverse, ranging from portraits, fashion, and social documentation. His portraiture has featured icons such as of Colin Powell, Burt Reynolds, Beyoncé, JK Rowling, Jonathan Franzen, among others. Being the founding director of the Fuchs Projects Gallery has made the artist a prominent figure in the Bushwick art scene since its consummation in 2012. The Fuchs Projects operate as an open laboratory for aspiring artists, particularly those who use the media of photography. Rafael Fuchs has now published 10 books, including "Raw 1", "I Am Amerikan" and "Raw 5".