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Evguenia Silvinia

Background Information about Evguenia Silvinia


Evguenia Silvinia combines stylistic elements from vastly different epochs in her portraits. While the women appear like historic personalities from ancient Egypt, their elaborately ornamented hair seems to come straight out of Japanese geisha culture. Silvinia draws from a wealth of stylistic wells to create multi-faceted depictions of women.

In her two-dimensional art and geometric patterns, Silvinia shows clear parallels to role model Gustav Klimt. However, she branches off into the realm of symbolism, as there are no narratives threads to follow in her works. The female archetype she has created comes very close to the symbolists’ playful contrasts between purity and eroticism.

To do justice to the Silvinia’s original works, which are painted on wood, the LUMAS photo prints are also mounted on wood and sealed under acrylic glass. This is a fresh interpretation that gives the pieces impressive physical depth.


Evguenia Silvinia studied Fine Art at Krakow Academy. Her eclectic style has brought her international attention. Silvinia lives and works in the United Arab Emirates.