LUMAS: The Best Pictures of 2018

The Best Pictures of 2018

You'll find our best-selling, museum-quality photo art from 2018 right here! Discover the most popular LUMAS pictures from last year and find your favorite today - while they are all still available!

Isabelle Menin

Get lost in the dreamlike work of Isabelle Menin! The Belgian artist creates virtual vortices of flowers that draws our gaze ever deeper and deeper. She artfully and adeptly plays with texture and materiality, much to the delight of art enthusiasts all over the world.

Werner Pawlok

Few artists can portray historical buildings with as much charm as Werner Pawlok does, and our collectors loved that in 2018. Discover Havana’s forgotten palaces and soak in the jazzy spirit of New Orleans. Which one is your favorite?

Claudio Gotsch

With his breathtakingly intense black and white photographs, it is no wonder Claudio Gotsch resonanted so strongly with our customers in 2018. Open your eyes to the diverse wildlife of the Swiss Alps and find your favorite!

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is a major player in art history and was also extremely in-demand among LUMAS customers in 2018. From colorful skateboard decks to aromatic home accessories featuring one of his most iconic images, discover works by this legendary artist.

Sabine Wild

Discover the world in a whir of shapes and lines with Sabine Wild. The LUMAS artist produces extraordinary works in which we can only guess at reality. In 2018 our customers really fell for her fascinating contrast between art and reality, between defamiliarization and naturalness.

Wolfgang Uhlig

Wolfgang Uhlig’s ocean photographs transmit an absolute beauty and serenity that was extremely popular with collectors last year. In his lenticulars, the shimmering sea practically flows before our eyes.

Luc Dratwa

LUMAS fans around the world were enchanted by the introspective way Luc Dratwa portrays urban architecture. The Belgian photographer captures the New York skyline with a very touching style. Discover black and white photographs with emotional depth!

Tommy Clarke

Tommy Clarke’s breathtaking works were also among our best pictures of 2018. The British photographer leans out of the cockpit of a moving helicopter to capture the stunning transition between the sandy beaches and turquoise oceans.

Pep Ventosa

With works that provide a new way of experiencing the world around us, Pep Ventosa’s works are always highly sought-after. By layering countless pictures, he creates a magical interplay between optical depth and spectacular perspectives.

Olaf Hajek

Olaf Hajek is among the world’s top illustrators. No wonder his surreal pieces were among the best pictures from 2018. His flowery compositions show he has a finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist, and they establish a connection between portrait and still-life painting.