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Sven Fennema

  Secret Garden by Sven Fennema
Secret Garden
  Sublime by Sven Fennema
from $ 1,199  to $ 1,999
  Dreamer by Sven Fennema
from $ 1,299  to $ 1,999
  Secret Garden 3 by Sven Fennema
Secret Garden 3
from $ 1,299  to $ 1,999
  Blissful by Sven Fennema
from $ 1,299  to $ 1,999
  Spiegelsaal by Sven Fennema
from $ 949  to $ 1,999
  Incantata III by Sven Fennema
Incantata III
from $ 1,499  to $ 1,999
  Sul mare I by Sven Fennema
Sul mare I
from $ 1,199  to $ 1,999
  In Lontananza by Sven Fennema
In Lontananza
from $ 1,399  to $ 1,999
  Arcadium by Sven Fennema
from $ 1,299  to $ 1,999
  Vista d'oro by Sven Fennema
Vista d'oro
from $ 1,149  to $ 1,999
  Sea Terrace by Sven Fennema
Sea Terrace
from $ 1,299  to $ 1,999
  Felicity by Sven Fennema
from $ 849  to $ 1,799
  Hotel Paradiso VI by Sven Fennema
Hotel Paradiso VI
from $ 1,299  to $ 1,999
  Desiderio by Sven Fennema
from $ 1,299  to $ 2,390
  Sala Rossa by Sven Fennema
Sala Rossa
from $ 1,299  to $ 2,390
  Maestosità by Sven Fennema
from $ 1,299  to $ 1,999
  Black Turbines by Sven Fennema
Black Turbines
Over and Done
from $ 1,299  to $ 2,290
  Sul Lago by Sven Fennema
Sul Lago
$ 159

Background Information about Sven Fennema


About the Work

The artist explains his series “Habitat” with a quotation from Jean Paul: “Our memories are the only paradise from which we can never be expelled.” It is hard to believe that anyone living a hundred years ago could have dreamed the luxurious buildings sought out by Fennema would ever be abandoned. What remains are memories of glorious times, of history being experienced, of wealthy inhabitants and their guests.

As Fennema’s atmospheric photographs reveal, the beauty of this pompous architecture remains intact. These antiquated locations have become mysteries to be explored. Fennema approaches the grandiose rooms with such finesse that one almost hopes the impressive monuments might never be woken from their slumber.

About the Artist

Although Sven Fennema enjoyed photography as a child, his great passion for this artistic medium was discovered by chance. Needing a stock of photographs to pursue his hobby of creating photo montages, Fennema bought a DSLR camera and started shooting. He began to enjoy the experience immediately, and by 2007, he was ready to devote himself to a career in photography.

A self-taught photographer of remarkable talent, Fennema did not have to wait long for success. His work has been shown in galleries and exhibitions across Europe and published in highly-praised books. Since 2010, Fennema has had his own studio, Living Pictures, in his new hometown of Krefeld, Germany.


To find his incredible locations, Sven Fennema spends considerable time buried in archives, examining satellite maps, and travelling. Though laborious, the search for the ideal image ultimately brings success and is as important as the works themselves. The unusual places Fennema uncovers appear to take on a new life in his images.

Fennema hopes to take a number of exciting journeys in the future, but admits that “There are more amazing subjects than there are opportunities to travel.” Once he has found a building, the artist allows himself time to soak in the space and atmosphere. Ideas form in his head for how to approach and execute his shots. In order to create the mysterious lighting that is so characteristic of his works, Fennema uses a fixed tripod and shoots each scene multiple times with bracketed exposure. He then combines the images digitally.

“In buildings where many people see only decay and sadness, I find a special kind of beauty.” Sven Fennema


1981Born in Xanten, Germany
Lives and works in Krefeld, Germany


Solo Exhibitions

2014Architektur fotografieren: Tales of Yesteryear, Architekturschaufenster, Karlsruhe, Germany
Tales of Yesteryear, Gewölbekeller Kloster Kamp, Kamp-Lintfort, Germany
Tales of Yesteryear, Kunst im Rathaus, Mindelheim, Germany
2013Poetry of Yesteryear, Villa Corte Eremo, Mantua, Italy

Group Exhibitions

2014Staging and revelation II, Art Gallery AFK, Lisbon, Portugal
2013Clarks Collection, Museum Casa del Mantegna, Mantua, Italy
ARTocalypse, Gallery Fotoexpo202, Amersfoort, Netherlands
The establishment of peace, Gallery Kontexte & Transkription, Mönchengladbach, Germany
2012Forgotten places, Publicis Headquarters, Champs-Élysées, Paris, France
2011Summer exhibition, Gallery ART UNIT, Düsseldorf, Germany
BLUR PHOTO 011, Gallery of the Croation Post, Zagreb, Croatia
ART ON DEMAND, artium Kunstsalon, Bad Honnef, Germany