Wall Art for Your Home

Our viewing rooms contain a wealth of tips, recommendations, and inspiration from our curators, who share their ideas on how to plan your home art decor according to different styles, as well as how to take account of natural lighting, furniture, and the atmosphere of your home. They also contain pieces of art specifically curated for each room. Discover limited edition art for your home, and check out our viewing rooms below!

The Living Room

In most homes, the living room is the hub. It's where you relax, get together, and so much else.

Our guide to furnishing your living room contains invaluable tips on how to use color, themes, and furniture to plan your style. Our curators share their thoughts on framed and unframed art, and different hanging arrangements for your home walls. Check out our living room viewing room:

Living Room Wall Art

The Bedroom

Picking out art for your bedroom can be particularly tricky. You want an artwork that is deeply personal - but it should also be calming.

Explore our ideas on bedroom decor, and find the photograph or print that's right for you. Our guide contains our curators' tips on vintage and country style bedrooms, as well as pointers on how to use size, space, and color to optimize your bedroom's Feng Shui.

Bedroom Wall Art

The Bathroom

The bathroom might just be the most highly frequented room in any home. A place of cleanliness and comfort, the bathroom can present a special challenge for anyone looking to furnish their home with fine art.

The Lumas guide to bathroom art contains a wealth of ideas on how to work with the space you have. Our curators recommend square-shaped pieces, lenticulars in bathroom "hallways," and bringing abstract, aquatic, and forest themes into your bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Art

The Kitchen

Get cooking! Kitchen decor is usually lighthearted and whimsical. From fridge magnets to funny posters, it usually requires a lighter touch.

In our kitchen guide, our curators pay respect this convention with their recommendations of pop art prints and animal portraits. But they also make recommendations on which more "serious" themes are suitable. They also suggest taking certain steps, like mounting your artwork under our museum-grade glass, in order to protect them from the normal wear-and-tear wall art might be exposed to in the kitchen.

Kitchen Wall Art

The Home Office

When it comes to selecting art for your home, the home office might be the most sensitive subject. Especially once you're already at home, it's not hard to get waylaid by every other shiny object.

The Lumas home office guide contains a wealth of ideas, tips, and inspiration on how to introduce art to you home office walls. Color, theme, and placement all have major implications for your focus and your comfort. A black and white print might be a more modest, and less distracting choice. And it might make sense to mount your art a bit askance to your workspace, instead of directly in front of it. Explore our home office wall art guide!

Home Office Wall Art

Improve the decor on all your walls

Still looking for ideas on what kind of art to bring into your home? One way to explore is to look at colors instead of rooms. We recommend exploring timeless themes like black and white art prints, or check out the official color of the year 2020: blue. Another way to search for the right art for your home is to go by theme. Our forest photography features golden wooded landscapes, and our ocean photography lets you bring the dynamic blue element into your home!

Still have questions? Not sure whether to go for a modern, minimalist aesthetic, or a vintage style? Another option is to get in touch with us! Our curators are happy to discuss whatever style or decor concept you have in mind, and to work with you to find the right new piece for your home! A consultation is completely free.