Nature Art for Sale

Bring the power of nature onto your wall with an affordably priced, original artwork. From formidable, energetic forces of nature to peaceful landscape prints, shop fascinating art in every motif, and experience nature’s boundless beauty with a Lumas print.

Formidable Landscape Photography

Dizzying heights, wild water, and impenetrably dense greenery – experience the formidable power of the natural elements! The colossal iceberg captured by Anuar Patjane reveals its artistic perfection for a brief moment before it vanishes into the ocean. Alessandro Puccinelli depicts the blue element in a different state: an astonishing seascape smashing against the rocks and becoming one with the clouds above. The atmosphere sunset effects over Lake Nässijärvi by Finnish artist Marja Pirilä is an extraordinary way to encounter mother nature every day.

Get lost in calm and peaceful landscapes, featuring everything from sunlit clearings to distant green valleys and still blue waters. Join our artist Rafael Graf on the banks of Lake Brienz, or revel in the Paolo Pettigiani's gorgeous lakeside pink and blue infrared photography. See the world from a whole new perspective – with a view from living room, kitchen, or office.

Pure Nature

 Nature Art: Chinese Dreamworld by Tatiana Gorilovsky
Chinese Dreamworld
Tatiana Gorilovsky
from $ 899  to $ 1,699
 Nature Art: Archiac by William Patino
William Patino
from $ 1,999  to $ 4,990
 Nature Art: Jardin Majorelle II by Simon Watson
Jardin Majorelle II
Simon Watson
from $ 999  to $ 1,999
 Nature Art: Jardin Majorelle III by Simon Watson
Jardin Majorelle III
Simon Watson
from $ 999  to $ 1,999
 Nature Art: Navigate by Christian Schmidt
Christian Schmidt
from $ 799  to $ 3,090
 Nature Art: Diver by Lukas Dvorak
Lukas Dvorak
from $ 599  to $ 1,999
 Nature Art: Fashion's Seasons II by Christian Lacroix
Fashion's Seasons II
Christian Lacroix
from $ 1,499  to $ 2,590
 Nature Art: Frenzy by Hengki Koentjoro
Hengki Koentjoro
from $ 449  to $ 899
 Nature Art: Le Mont St. Michel, Bretagne, France by Helmut Hirler
Le Mont St. Michel, Bretagne, France
Helmut Hirler
from $ 649  to $ 1,999
 Nature Art: Drei Zinnen by Rudolf Rother
Drei Zinnen
Rudolf Rother
from $ 499  to $ 1,299
 Nature Art: Päpstliche Vernunft by Gerhard Mantz
Päpstliche Vernunft
Gerhard Mantz
from $ 1,299  to $ 2,690
 Nature Art: Evoléner by Ramona Waldner
Ramona Waldner
from $ 1,049  to $ 2,590
 Nature Art: Desertnight by Benjamin Everett
Benjamin Everett
from $ 499  to $ 1,599
 Nature Art: Cronulla Rock Pool 01 by Peter Yan
Cronulla Rock Pool 01
Peter Yan
from $ 1,099  to $ 1,999
 Nature Art: Iceberg I by Christophe Jacrot
Iceberg I
Christophe Jacrot
from $ 799  to $ 1,999
 Nature Art: Pine Forest II by Nathaniel Merz
Pine Forest II
Nathaniel Merz
from $ 1,299  to $ 2,490
 Nature Art: Cactus No. 94 by Kwangho Lee
Cactus No. 94
Kwangho Lee
from $ 999  to $ 1,599
 Nature Art: Piz Bernina by Daniel Martinek
Piz Bernina
Daniel Martinek
$ 1,149
 Nature Art: Bamboo V by André Wagner
Bamboo V
André Wagner
from $ 1,199  to $ 2,290
 Nature Art: The Garden by Jens Hausmann
The Garden
Jens Hausmann
$ 1,199
 Nature Art: Eden I. by Katalin Vasali
Eden I.
Katalin Vasali
from $ 1,199  to $ 1,999
 Nature Art: Wailakurini, Timor-Leste  by Farin Urlaub
Wailakurini, Timor-Leste
Farin Urlaub
from $ 599  to $ 1,499
 Nature Art: Cheetahs hunting, Serengeti, Tanzania by Horst Klemm
Cheetahs hunting, Serengeti, Tanzania
Horst Klemm
from $ 649  to $ 1,499
 Nature Art: Friendly fire I by Daniel Maria Thurau
Friendly fire I
Daniel Maria Thurau
from $ 749  to $ 1,599
 Nature Art: Norway I by Alex Strohl
Norway I
Alex Strohl
from $ 1,299  to $ 2,990
 Nature Art: Bastei, Elbsandsteingebirge by Berthold Steinhilber
Bastei, Elbsandsteingebirge
Berthold Steinhilber
from $ 1,499  to $ 2,790

The Power of Nature Prints

The Lumas portfolio of nature art contains a huge range of natural scenery. From the planes of the Serengeti to huge waves crashing on the California shoreline, our collection contains a wide selection of motifs for decorating the walls of your rooms. Modern or traditional, abstract or realistic, drawing or painting - Lumas artworks are original, high-quality, stylish, and in-demand.

Our nature artworks contain a wide variety of prints, originally conceived and executed as photography, drawing, painting, or digital creations, before being assimilated into our portfolio as open or limited edition prints. A Lumas art print is available framed and mounted, and can be ordered face-mounted under museum-grade acrylic glass.

Pure Nature

The Natural Landscape

The landscape is one of the most storied and popular genres of art. From China to England, landscape art has captured the imaginations of observers for centuries. Lumas nature portraits by in-demand artists like Justin Barton and Han Lei offer stunning scenes of ice-capped mountains, flowing rivers, and forests filled with pine trees. Photo artist Tommy Clarke's world-famous photographs provide the onlooker with breathtaking ocean vistas. Abstract digital landscapes by artists like Sabine Wild featuring and inspired by nature are a modern take on an art genre traditionally associated with oil painting.

Pure Nature

Shop Nature Art for Your Home

Explore our curators' selection of artworks for your home or office. Nature art is ideal in settings which would be well complemented by natural harmony or nature's grandeur, like a workplace, or a home living room. Shop our collection of limited editions, and find the right view for your wall today!