People Photography for Sale

From famous faces to perfectly staged fashion models, our people photography displays the human form in all its depth and intricacy. Find your favorite figurative artwork and bring home a true work of art!

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figurative art:  Marionette by Kate Woodman
Kate Woodman
from $ 799 to $ 2,490
figurative art:  Marilyn aux bigoudies by Renaud Delorme
Marilyn aux bigoudies
Renaud Delorme
from $ 1,399 to $ 1,999
figurative art:  Frida by Rafael Barletta
Rafael Barletta
$ 539
figurative art:  Floating No.IV by Bence Bakonyi
Floating No.IV
Bence Bakonyi
$ 2,590
figurative art:  Good Hair by Carol Muthiga - Oyekunle
Good Hair
Carol Muthiga - Oyekunle
from $ 899 to $ 1,999
figurative art:  Nina Hagen by Gabo
Nina Hagen
from $ 999 to $ 1,599
figurative art:  Egress by Marina Martinez
Marina Martinez
from $ 449 to $ 949
figurative art:  JASSICA by Akke Visschers & Alexander Straulino
Akke Visschers & Alexander Straulino
from $ 699 to $ 1,399
figurative art:  Laura 5 by Alex Katz
Laura 5
Alex Katz
figurative art:  SHARE by Kaws
figurative art:  Relax by Andrea Koporova
Andrea Koporova
from $ 899 to $ 1,199
figurative art:  Glow by Erin Cone
Erin Cone
from $ 399 to $ 949
figurative art:  Les Mystères De L’Horizon I by Elena Iv - Skaya
Les Mystères De L’Horizon I
Elena Iv - Skaya
from $ 699 to $ 1,599
figurative art:  Stained by Alexander Khokhlov
Alexander Khokhlov
from $ 599 to $ 1,299
figurative art:  Prayer for the Rose by Svetlana Melik - Nubarova
Prayer for the Rose
Svetlana Melik - Nubarova
from $ 799 to $ 1,399
figurative art:  The Entrepreneur by Vincent Poole
The Entrepreneur
Vincent Poole
$ 2,590
figurative art:  Woodstock by Music Collection
Music Collection
$ 1,269
figurative art:  Frida by Richard Brandao
Richard Brandao
from $ 349 to $ 1,599
figurative art:  Las Vegas by Len Van Brook
Las Vegas
Len Van Brook
from $ 399 to $ 2,590
figurative art:  Lazarus LV by Gavin Evans
Lazarus LV
Gavin Evans
figurative art:  The Offering by Leila Rose Fanner
The Offering
Leila Rose Fanner
from $ 1,049 to $ 2,490
figurative art:  Dual Nature by Daria Petrilli
Dual Nature
Daria Petrilli
from $ 599 to $ 1,199
figurative art:  Kate by Renaud Delorme
Renaud Delorme
$ 6,690
figurative art:  Apelles painting Campaspe, van Haecht (II) by Lluis Barba Cantos
Apelles painting Campaspe, van Haecht (II)
Lluis Barba Cantos
from $ 1,699 to $ 2,990
figurative art:  Day Dreaming at the Summer Pool by Soo Burnell
Day Dreaming at the Summer Pool
Soo Burnell
from $ 949 to $ 1,599
figurative art:  Your Head is Full of Birdies by Peperina Magenta
Your Head is Full of Birdies
Peperina Magenta
$ 449
figurative art:  Clark Kent Graffiti by Daniel Picard
Clark Kent Graffiti
Daniel Picard
$ 3,090
figurative art:  BIG C by Devin Miles
Devin Miles
from $ 749 to $ 2,690
figurative art:  Unsere Heldin der Kosmonautin by Ivo Von Renner
Unsere Heldin der Kosmonautin
Ivo Von Renner
from $ 1,199 to $ 1,999
figurative art:  Pablo by André Monet
André Monet
from $ 499 to $ 2,190
figurative art:  Mongolia Eagle Hunters II by Daniel Kordan
Mongolia Eagle Hunters II
Daniel Kordan
from $ 699 to $ 1,299
figurative art:  New York, Scene 1 by Rafael Fuchs
New York, Scene 1
Rafael Fuchs
from $ 749 to $ 2,190
figurative art:  Houston + Lafayette Str, CK#40 by Wouter Deruytter
Houston + Lafayette Str, CK#40
Wouter Deruytter
from $ 799 to $ 1,699
figurative art:  Fifth Ave + 56th Str, A&F#2 by Wouter Deruytter
Fifth Ave + 56th Str, A&F#2
Wouter Deruytter
from $ 799 to $ 1,699
figurative art:  Times Square#4 by Wouter Deruytter
Times Square#4
Wouter Deruytter
from $ 799 to $ 1,699
figurative art:  Houston + Lafayette Str, CK#6 by Wouter Deruytter
Houston + Lafayette Str, CK#6
Wouter Deruytter
from $ 799 to $ 1,699
figurative art:  Deconstructed Frida by Loui Jover
Deconstructed Frida
Loui Jover
from $ 349 to $ 1,149
figurative art:  Beach Scene II by Patrick Tschudi
Beach Scene II
Patrick Tschudi
from $ 1,099 to $ 2,190
figurative art:  Camouflage by Guy Aroch | Trunk Archive
Guy Aroch | Trunk Archive
from $ 999 to $ 1,999
figurative art:  Südtribüne by Christoph Morlinghaus
Christoph Morlinghaus
from $ 1,399 to $ 6,390
figurative art:  Rocketman by Anton Sparx
Anton Sparx
from $ 1,299 to $ 2,390
figurative art:  Caitlin aka Jane Bond II by Stefanie Schneider
Caitlin aka Jane Bond II
Stefanie Schneider
from $ 699 to $ 1,699
figurative art:  Women Of Light by Dani Olivier
Women Of Light
Dani Olivier
from $ 549 to $ 1,199
figurative art:  Made Of Stars by Dani Olivier
Made Of Stars
Dani Olivier
from $ 799 to $ 1,399
figurative art:  Morning on the river by Vladimir Proshin
Morning on the river
Vladimir Proshin
from $ 1,299 to $ 2,190
figurative art:  Park by Christian Schmidt
Christian Schmidt
from $ 699 to $ 2,490
figurative art:  Role Play by Iannis Pledel
Role Play
Iannis Pledel
from $ 1,199 to $ 1,999
figurative art:  Blackberry jam by Sonja L.
Blackberry jam
Sonja L.
from $ 399 to $ 699
figurative art:  Frida by André Monet
André Monet
from $ 499 to $ 3,190
figurative art:  Frozen Planet 68 by Stephanie Ho
Frozen Planet 68
Stephanie Ho
from $ 599 to $ 1,199
figurative art:  POESIE by Liliroze
from $ 399 to $ 2,190
figurative art:  Couture Red Valentino dress with evening gloves by Eduard Erlikh
Couture Red Valentino dress with evening gloves
Eduard Erlikh
from $ 999 to $ 2,190
figurative art:  Babel by Martta Garcia
Martta Garcia
from $ 949 to $ 1,699
figurative art:  Waiting for Love by Peperina Magenta
Waiting for Love
Peperina Magenta
from $ 449 to $ 949
figurative art:  High Profile by Gaetan Caputo
High Profile
Gaetan Caputo
from $ 649 to $ 1,999
figurative art:  Fragments of Hanoi by Peter Stewart
Fragments of Hanoi
Peter Stewart
from $ 1,299 to $ 2,990
figurative art:  Swimmer at Portobello by Soo Burnell
Swimmer at Portobello
Soo Burnell
from $ 799 to $ 1,199
figurative art:  Turkish baths Victoria by Soo Burnell
Turkish baths Victoria
Soo Burnell
from $ 849 to $ 1,399
figurative art:  Swimming at Tyninghame by Soo Burnell
Swimming at Tyninghame
Soo Burnell
from $ 799 to $ 1,299
figurative art:  First Swim by Soo Burnell
First Swim
Soo Burnell
from $ 799 to $ 1,299
figurative art:  Let's Make Up by Cindy Press
Let's Make Up
Cindy Press
$ 1,499
figurative art:  Antoinette Golden Tear by Olaf Hajek
Antoinette Golden Tear
Olaf Hajek
$ 699
figurative art:  Umbrellas movements by Nancy Lee
Umbrellas movements
Nancy Lee
$ 4,790
figurative art:  The Triumph Of Form by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
The Triumph Of Form
Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
from $ 599 to $ 2,390
figurative art:  Kate Moss by Renaud Delorme
Kate Moss
Renaud Delorme
$ 1,599
figurative art:  Sunrise by Dani Olivier
Dani Olivier
$ 1,799
figurative art:  The Cat by Pol Kurucz
The Cat
Pol Kurucz
$ 1,599
figurative art:  AT THE BEACH by Sanda Anderlon
Sanda Anderlon
from $ 799 to $ 4,090
figurative art:  Boudoir Reflection II by Pezhman
Boudoir Reflection II
figurative art:  Roussel by Rebecca Horn
Rebecca Horn
figurative art:  Sharing by Joerg Maxzin
Joerg Maxzin
from $ 999 to $ 1,699
figurative art:  Beach II by Felipe Bedoya
Beach II
Felipe Bedoya
from $ 899 to $ 1,999
figurative art:  Entrance by Hajime Yoshida
Hajime Yoshida
$ 499
figurative art:  The Apartment House by Alastair Pincaud
The Apartment House
Alastair Pincaud
$ 2,490
figurative art:  Lucky Mutt by Vincent Poole
Lucky Mutt
Vincent Poole
$ 2,790
figurative art:  CASUAL LUXURY by Sanda Anderlon
Sanda Anderlon
from $ 949 to $ 1,999
figurative art:  Adria VII by Bernhard Lang
Adria VII
Bernhard Lang
from $ 1,299 to $ 1,999
figurative art:  Yogin no1 by Tomáš Paule
Yogin no1
Tomáš Paule
from $ 399 to $ 1,299
figurative art:  Ride the Wild by Emre Guven
Ride the Wild
Emre Guven
from $ 799 to $ 1,799
figurative art:  Moon Rising by Thomas Von Aagh
Moon Rising
Thomas Von Aagh
from $ 849 to $ 1,599

Getting to Know Figurative Photography

Figurative photography is a type of figurative art which features people as its subject matter. Similar to portrait photography, figurative photography typically captures human subjects in artistic compositions. But whereas the portrait is a classic genre centered on revealing a personality - human or animal - the figurative is concerned foremost with the human figure.

Figurative art as an artistic tendency was challenged in the 20th century by the ascent of new art forms. With the arrival of abstract art, artists increasingly came to take a variety of subjects which lay without the "real world" as their subject matter. In lieu of real subjects new trends in photography and other mediums featured shapes, patterns, and geometry. Figure painting, which alongside the landscape had been a dominant preoccupation of artists, was replaced by abstract movements with an ascendant focus on the spiritual, the elemental, and the refined forms (or formlessness) of nature.

As a characteristic form of modern art, the figural "returned" - after long forays into the abstract, and into patterned modernist design characteristic of mid century modern art - in the late third quarter of the 20th century. Pop Art characteristically featured human subjects, including as featured in comic and graphic art. Today, while hyperrealistic art retains and expands upon strong references to the real world. its primary function is recreate reality in ways that may seem uncanny. In a long sequence of mutual exchange and progression, photorealism in painting opened the way for new currents of realist aesthetics, including in fine art photography.

The LUMAS Collection of People Photography

The LUMAS portfolio contains a wide range of artistic photography featuring people. Black and white photography, with its characteristic ability to depict reality with a kind of spare exactitude, is one of the preferred vehicles for fine art portraits. Our celebrity portraits feature some of the most iconic people in modern culture, from Marilyn Monroe to Frida Kahlo.