Curated Purple Art for Sale

Explore our collection of purple art, and discover all the original purple art in the LUMAS portfolio. Shop our curators' selection of modern purple artworks, encompassing abstract and landscape genres, and photography, prints, and paintings.

Purple Artworks

Purple is on side of a color range which exists between the primart colors red and blue. Purple denotes the side of this range which is closer to red, while violet describes that side which is nearer to blue.

Historically, purple was a rarer color, which was identified with royalty. Today, it is closely associated with attitudes of earnestness, and conveys an atmosphere which is less frenetic than pink, yellow, or other colors which are often taken as signifying optimism and friendly to efforts at concentration.

These characteristics of purple are well accessed by photo artist Douglas Busch, who creates warm and vivid seascapes with a painterly quality. Works by Werner Pawlok sometimes leverage purple to melancholic effect.

The Curators' Palette: Purple Art

As part of a home decor scheme, purple art is somewhat less versatile that art in other colors. Unlike red or green, for example, purple is not known for promoting more dynamic atmospheres. As such, purple is best suited to rooms which require stability above all, like a home office. As part of a bedroom art scheme, purple can be drawn on to promote an atmospherically neutral but aesthetically extremely rich environment. As part of your living room decor, purple art can stabilize a loud or busy space, transforming it into an atmosphere for calm reflection.

One of the most alluring choices for purple artworks is art created in the style of floral photography. Heiko Hellwig's Blossom series contains fascinating portraits of violet flowers. The painting-like photographs created through Bruce Boyd's fascinating method result in unrivalled floral still lifes. Explore these and more in our collection of flower art prints.

Abstract Purple Artworks

Purple abstract art draws together the sophistication and stalwartness of purple with the artistic drive to deoncstruct and recreate. The ethereal, concept-architectural landscapes by art and design group 3deluxe features purple and silver works with pink and metallic accents. These works, which can be described as a kind of magical architecture, result in otherworldly landscapes of line, color, and structure.

Curated Purple Artworks