Curated Pink Art for Sale

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Pink Artworks

The place of pink in the arts is an eccentric one. As a naturally occuring color, pink is beleived to communicate calm and peacefulness. But pink bears heavy cultural associations.

Characteristically "assigned" to the feminine, pink has stood in for natility, gender, and for a large inventory of feminine habits or characteristics. Pink has been slandered and reappropriated countless times, and today enjoys a larger circulation across social borders, as strictly delimited social identites have eroded.

Most prominently, pink is featured in advertisements, as a kind of product color. In fine art, pink has undergone a long rapproachement - both towards a contemporary usage in socially critical art, and as a color prized as a kind of aesthetic kaleidescope of its own.

The Curators' Palette: Pink Art

For the artist Pol Kurucz, pink provides a nexus between social critique and fine art photography. Photographer Robert Jahns stages his scenes with pink flower petals, like pink carpets unfurling before his subject matter.

Pink's versatility is on display in a blush pink photographic arrangement by Adam Voorhes or the neon pink artwork by Mauren Brodbeck. The infrared pink photography by Paolo Pettigiani unites vivid pink tones with the vision-widening quality of landscape photography.

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Pink Abstract Art

As a color which draws the eye away from naturalist or traditional scenery, pink is a natural subject of abstract art. Works by digital artist Stefan Saalfeld unite drawing with other methods to produce unreal pink artwork. The pink and grey lenticular artwork by Anton Sparx is one of a series interpreting some of the world's most precious jewels.

Curated Selection of pink art