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From dark red leaves in a thick, autumnal fog to a spring-like flurry of petals before a lakeside, Christiane Steinicke’s unique nature scenes show the changing of the seasons. The photographer has captured many sides of Brandenburg’s trees and forests. “Mixed Forest” captivates us through a curious soft focus and the overlapping of different layers.

Steinicke’s images are fantastical digital compositions. Having worked as a photographer for many years, she has developed a remarkable artistic style with distinctive characteristics. Tree trunks and leaves are abstracted into almost graphical objects, and that is just one of the tools Steinicke uses to transform the nature around her into dreamlike scenery. The power of these magical montages is also augmented by the eye-catching way she frames her shots, her use of digital editing techniques, and her striking colour palette.

Thus, the viewers feel as if they are wandering through magnificent, untouched woodland. Each photograph reveals a new facet of Steinicke’s “forest magic.”


1968born in Brandenburg, Germany
Lives and works in Brandenburg, Germany