Latin American Art for Sale

A Journey through Latin America

Discover the magic of Latin America with LUMAS. Our curators' selection of Latin American artworks includes photo art featuring extraordinary places from Brazil to Cuba!

Rain Forests

Journey into tropical jungles and experience the magic of ancient forests


The nostalgia of Havana: Cuban palaces in their best light

Werner Pawlok

Cuba has endless facets, and the interiors are a part of that. They reflect a specific time that is only conditionally related to the present.

Werner Pawlok


Thriving cities full of life and architectural masterpieces

Henning Bock

What makes Rio de Janeiro special is the city’s unbelievably beautiful location. The combination of the hills and the world-famous beaches is completely unique and has a significant influence on the way people there live.

Henning Bock

Dream Retreats

Magnificent estates and other peaceful places in the mountains of South America

Jens Hausmann

I find great inspiration in South American Modernity, which is greatly different from European Modernity in its totalitarian character.

Jens Hausmann