Curated Neon Art for Sale

Explore our curators' selection of contemporary neon artworks from the LUMAS portfolio. Shop our collection, and discover all the original neon art offered in our portfolio.

Neon Artworks

The neon color palette is familiar to contemporary conceptual and pop artists like Glenn Ligon, Dan Flavin, Damien Hirst, Voka, and Tracey Emin. Today both futuristic and retro, modern and throwback, neon is often chosen as much for its fun and ironic associations as for its aesthetic properties.

The LUMAS portfolio contains neon colored art by celebrated artists. In her retro artworks, photo artist Stefanie Schneider uses lighted neon text in a way that is similar to Joseph Kosuth and Tracey Emin. The minimalist artist Dan Flavin is famous for his neon lighting of buildings, an effect captured in the glowing urban cityscapes of Andrej Barov.

Retro neon signage is a popular option for one's wall decor. A more expansive set of motifs featuring vivid lighting effects, urban nightscapes, and architecture furnishes a wide set of options for decorating with neon. Neon is well-featured as kitchen art, where its vibrancy and playfulness flourish over a bar or dining table.

Curated Selection of Neon Art

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