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Boho art and Boho Chic are decor styles defined by an eclectic mix of various materials, styles and patterns. A unique design concept, boho style is defined mainly by a colorful melange of different tones, decorations and objects. Learn more about the Boho decor style, and find the perfect Boho artwork for the walls of your home or office.

Bohemian Art and Decor

What is the Boho Chic decor style?

Boho Chic as a fashion trend became popular in the early 2000s. Actors and trend-setters paved the way through their choices of simple but colorful clothing, drawing inspiration from the the hippie culture of the 1960s. The eclectic wardrobe that eventually came about relied mainly on natural materials and a mix of bold and earthy colors.

Bohemian style dates back much further than its 2000s heyday though. Bohemia was an imaginary destination populated by artists and free spirits from 19th century onwards. Freed from the binds of social convention, bohemians are those who saw in life a potential work of art.

Decorating with Boho art

The Boho decor style is eclectic, but it generally includes a standard set of home furnishings and a certain set of stylistic features.

Bohemian decorating often includes artwork, tapestry, and objects, coordinated with a mix-and-match choice of furnishings. Natural materials like wood, wicker, and rattan are often used in wall panelling, side tables and rocking chairs. Alongside diverse choices of objects, artefacts, and sculptures, vintage-style coffee tables and throw pillows with design features of mid century modern art and design are safe choices for a bohemian interior design, provided they are complemented with an appropriate color palette.

Color and pattern are integral to the style. A color scheme which incorporates natural greens and browns is a good place to start. More eye-catching colors like pinks, soft yellows or pastel shades can provide excellent complements - the interplay of earthy and bright colors goes a long way in creating an typical Bohemian style. One way to achieve this balance is to place Boho-style art in rooms which feature many indoor plants. Placed along an empty wall, an artwork and some large plants like pampas grass or monsteras can compete to be the focal point of a room.

Boho art for every room

Boho rooms can be created anywhere! A bohemian living room can be fitted with vintage or retro furniture. Secondhand buying is a cheap and environmentally-friendly way to a stylish living room concept. A boho dining room style can be achieved through the use of ecclectic items set on a table or bureau and by hanging retro tapestries and foliage on the walls. Above all, the bohemian living space is built from a generous use of natural light, colors, and furnishings in all rooms.

The LUMAS portfolio features a wealth of artists working in the Boho style. Leila Amat Ortega stages fabulous photographs that always tell a story. Her engagement with nature and human subjects result in exciting relationships. In artwork by Pep Ventosa and Stephanie Kloss, beige tones and soft colors combine to create motifs which harmonize well with traditional bohemian furnishing choices.

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