Colorful Abstract Art for Sale

Discover our curators' selection of colorful abstract artworks. The LUMAS portfolio contains colorful abstract landscapes, nudes, and floral art. Shop our collection, and find a colorful abstract print for your home.

Decorating with Abstract Colorful Artworks

From monochrome to multitone, our curators have hand-picked a number of colorful abstract artworks with which to decorate the walls of your home or office. Here are our design experts' thoughts on the characteristics of colorful abstract art, and their tips on incorporating it as part of a home decor scheme:

  • Combines the mood-lifting qualities of colorful art with the sophistication of abstract art.
  • Elicits primal moods and reflections, consistent with abstract art which places color at its center.
  • Is bold and independent: matches especially well with spaces without much existing decor or furniture.
  • Does something more basic than bring a design concept into a room: it brings a flood of color, shapes, and lines.
  • Is best set in the open, on large wall space, to be featured as a room-defining artwork - not as wallpaper.
  • Feature a colorful abstract piece in a central and highly trafficed room, like the kitchen or living room.

Colorful Abstract Art by LUMAS Artists

LUMAS artists create colorful abstract art across a number of genres, and using a variety of artistic mediums.

The energetic pop art collages by Sanda Anderlon are an explosion of color and characters. Ysabel Lemay's famous bouquets demonstrate a strange likeness to still life. Despite their expansive color and the vistas opened through their photographic framing, they are still every bit in line with the traditional symbolism of floral art.

Works by the digital artist Stefan Saalfeld feature stunning digital landscapes, which are built foremost around color and line.

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Curated Selection of Colorful Abstract Art