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The photographs by Leila Amat Ortega reveal fantastical dreamworlds. They are images with raw, emotional power, charged with an almost mystical atmosphere. Amat Ortega creates arresting self-portraits in the midst of snow-covered landscapes and expansive fields. As the artist explains: “To me, photography is pure fantasy. It’s not about using the right camera, it’s about transforming reality, creating a new universe within our existing one. The sights of this world alone are not enough. Whatever others may say, I won’t accept that reality rules fiction.” To her, photography is a form of theatre. It is no surprise that Amat Ortega is not just responsible for the conception and implementation of her images, but that she also models for them. In her scenes, the artist juxtaposes herself with unexpected, and primarily symbolic, props. The extraordinary care and attention to detail that go into the work are matched by the sensations they trigger in the viewer.


1987Born in Madrid, Spain
2005-2010Studied philology at the University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain


2013Luz oxidada, La Intrusa, Madrid, Spain
2013Group exhibition, Galería Cero de Efti, Madrid, Spain
2012Facultad del silencio, University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain