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Farmhouse and Country Art for Sale

Farmhouse and country style art introduces a calming and rustic accent to a room, and fits with a variety of interior decor schemes. Whether in French or English country house style, your home is guaranteed to feel warm and cozy with the right piece of farmhouse art!

Farmhouse Art:

Farmhouse style art: chic and stylish, or fine art?

Not all country house styles are the same. The Shabby Chic Look is about leaving signs of wear visible or even drawing attention to them. Think of old furniture where the lacquer is no longer quite fresh, or an old worn out armchair. You don't have to buy antiques or collect family heirlooms for this look - you can find this style in newer furniture or help a little from sandpaper. The different varieties of the country house style differ in their use of colors, patterns, and above all decoration and home accessories. The English country house style focuses on rather dark wooden furniture, flowery, fabrics and leather sofas.

With the French country house style you will find a mixture of rustic, upscale, and very simple furniture. Natural materials predominate, often mixed with wrought-iron accents. The basic theme of the Scandinavian country house style is light, often white furniture in combination with selected accessories and restrained decoration. Many natural materials such as wood, wool, or soft sheepskins are also used. Whether English, French, or Scandinavian: the matching decoration and murals are meant to complement the furniture.

Farmhouse style art for every room

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In every room of your home, you can set stylish accents with artworks in farmhouse style. Brightly colored or lightly finished wood furniture, whether shabby-chic, vintage or retro style, goes very well with flower art and landscape art. Especially as kitchen artworks, where they are somewhat unexpected, still lifes always make a strong impression.

Hang a dramatic monochrome landscape by Helmut Schlaiß, or a modern abstract landscape by Erik Chmil to visually enlarge and embolden a room.

This trick works well for art in the living room. Our collections of bathroom art or home office artworks will furnish you with more well thoughtful design concepts for other rooms. For example, place an old jug and washbowl in the bathroom and decorate the wall above it with a floral still life by Annet van der Voort. In this way, you can conjure up the atmosphere of a farmhouse or country inn.

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Whatever styles and motifs you choose, or if you are looking for art for the home, the LUMAS portfolio contains a wealth of inspiring ideas and exactly curated artworks. You can also get valuable suggestions on how to professionally hang your artworks. Have fun exploring!