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Rosa Muñoz

Background Information about Rosa Muñoz


Artist Rosa Muñoz sets blooming bouquets in the middle of the desert, stacks watermelons in deserted surroundings, and fills rooms with ocean surf and butterflies. The vibrantly colorful works in her series Habitat are suggestive productions: the artist’s surreal scenographic installations in abandoned and forgotten places.

Muñoz wanders through cities both large and small, searching for peculiar street corners and off-the-beaten-path alleys to reinvent. She gives old walls fresh coats of vivid paint, fills entire rooms with tropical fruits, and decorates with flowers. Although Muñoz hints at the impermanence of the depicted objects, her high-contrast works emanate vitality. Through the seemingly arbitrary placement of the visual elements, the artist leads the viewer into a dreamlike parallel universe.

Muñoz’s unreal images show similarities to the work of Italian painter Giorgio de Chirico and that of René Magritte. As in the surrealist movement, the symbolic imagery in Muñoz’s work resonates deep in the viewer’s subconscious. She has developed a coded, imaginary language to capture reality through everyday objects and then negate it. She puts the world in disarray in order for us to see it in a new light.


Rosa Muñoz stands alongside Ciuco Gutiérrez as one of the biggest artists in contemporary Spanish photography scene. Muñoz got her start as a documentary photographer for the newspaper Villa de Madrid. Her work has appeared in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including one at the Berlinale International Film Festival in 2011.The artist lives and works in Madrid.