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Hugo Pondz

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Swimming pools, golf courses, and a wide open, incredibly blue sky. The art of Hugo Pondz is full of daydreams, warmth, and lust for life. He creates a calm ambience that lures the viewer in. His unique compositions are made with minimalist shapes and vibrant colors, primarily different shades of blue. A figure looks out into the horizon, lost in thought. Their compelling gaze cultivates the viewer with desire for the dreamlike place.

A longing gaze into the distance is a motif reminiscent of the Romantics, like Caspar David Friedrich’s figure looking over a sea of fog. However, Pondz is not interested in depicting real landscapes, but rather allegorical fantasies in miraculous colors. The swimming pool could be any swimming pool, anywhere in the world, where the viewer can relax and simply marvel at the sky, perhaps get lost in their own thoughts.  

The Belgian artist found inspiration from the masters of minimalist sceneries and surreal ambience, specifically De Chirico, Hopper, Dalí, and Hockney. Like them, his work expresses a sense of melancholy and tranquility, but Pondz striking contrasts of light and shadow awaken a feeling of ultimate freedom, which sets him apart.

Hugo Pondz was born in Namur, Belgium, where he still lives and works today.Though he often travels in his works to New York and other desirable places, always capturing them in the many shades of his radiant blue. His artworks are exhibited at the largest and most prominent art fairs in the world, like Art Basel Miami, and in numerous galleries throughout Europe and America.