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Background Information about Graft


The innovative architect group GRAFT calls their works “monsters of grace.” In their twodimensional compositions they combine dynamic structures with picturesque beauty. The images are architectural hybrids constructed out of popular masterpieces. The reflections, shadows, and impressions raise questions. The scale and relationship to the environment fade into the background and allow only a guess at what might be concealed in the structure or beyond it. A feeling of fascination overcomes the viewer in the face of this technological elegance.

The founders of GRAFT describe their interdisciplinary network as an “Architecture label”. This word choice points towards their versatility, adaptability and most of all their connection with current life styles.  With a strong feel for new trends, Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit, Gregor Hoheisel and Alejandra Lillo, working out of L.A., Berlin, and Peking, transform their creative ideas into an amorphous, and visionary visual language.

These Architects and designers challenge traditional boundaries and explore the interplay and effect of influence factors such as high and everyday culture, philosophy, architecture, film, literature, and music. The analysis, communication, and thereby the creation of the relationship between and through these aspects enables them to develop their work further, to define it new ways, and to create worlds where living in tomorrow world is possible today.

Therefore, GRAFT does not consider themselves exclusively an architectural company, but continually broaden their horizons. It is not without reason that their focus in architecture, urban planning, design, and music is lead by the idea of the “pursuit of happiness”.

About the Name:
The word “graft” has a variety of  meanings and can be read in a number of different ways. It is used when growing wine as well as within transplantation medicine. It describes in botanical terminology the joining of two shoots of  two different variety plants to form a new growth.  The positive qualities of these two genetically diverse plants are in this way combined into a new more mature hybrid.


2009International Architecture Award, The Chicago Athaneum: Stack  
Boulevard der Stars, Competition, 1st place and deemed for construction
Columbiaquartier, Competition, 2nd place
Wolfsburg Roofing/Pedestrain Guidance System, Competition, 4th place  
International Architecture Award, Kinderdentist 
Stahlinnovationspreis 2009, Kanera 1D  
Red Dot Design Award, Thermopal Designers Collection
INDEX: Design 2009 Award, finalist, Pink Project
AIA Restaurant Design Awards, finalist, Gingko Restaurant
Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, Nominee: Pink Project
Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, Nominee: Thermopal
Illumination Awards, Award of Merit, Gingko Bacchus Restaurant
2008International Architecture Award, The Chicago Athaneum, Stack
Pink Project, selected for German Pavilion, XI.Venice Biennial
D&AD Awards 2008, For Outstanding Achievement Environmental Design/Installations, Yellow Pencil
Boutique Design Awards, Best Restaurant, Nominee, Brand
International Illumination Design Award: Eric Paris Salon
Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, Nominee: Kanera 1E
SADI Award – Best New Retail Store, 5,000 sq. ft or more, Honorable Mention: Eric Paris Salon
SADI Award – Grand SADI Award: Opticon
Gold Key Awards – Best Hotel Design and Best Guest Room, finalist: Emperor
6th Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy Brussels, Finalist Innovation, Graftworld
Red Dot Design Award, Kanera 1E
40 under 40, Winner, The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies
ECOLA Euroean Architecture Prize Putz 2008 Award, Nominee, Loft Gleimstraße
Birds Island competition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, finalist and deemed for construction
2007Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, Finalist, Mercedes Benz&Maybach Trade FairBooth
Interior Design Awards, Best of Year Finalist: Erics Salon, Beijing
Rigips Trophy 2007, 1st Place, Category Innovation: Graftworld
Bardesign of the Year 2007, Mixology Awards, Bar Convent Berlin: Hotel Q, Berlin
HD Awards, Best Unbuilt Project: Samana Luxury Resort
Dalian Daily competition, China, 1st prize and deemed for construction
2006ICIF – Iakov Chernikov International Prize for Young Architects Nominee
ADAM Silber Award 2006, Award der ausgezeichneten Messeauftritte, Category XL: Mercedes Benz&Maybach Trade Fair Booth AMI 2006
World Hotel Award 2006, Category True Stylish: HotelQ
Interior Design Awards, Best of Year Finalist: HEWI Modular Wall
Interior Design Awards, Best of Year Finalist: Moonraker
Gold Key Award Finalist: STACK
AIA LA Restaurant Design Award, People´s Choice Award: STACK
AIA L.A.Restaurant Design Award Finalist: STACK
Contractworld Award, Category “Hotel/Restaurant” Shortlist: STACK
Boutique Design Award, "Best dramatic space" and "Best restaurant": STACK
Golden Winner Design Award January 2006, Exhibitor Magazine: SciFi
20th Annual Exhibit Design Award GOLD MEDAL: Sci-Fi
Hospitality Design Restaurant Award, Fine Dining Finalist: STACK
2005Recognition Award 2005, AIA, Los Angeles: FIX - Restaurant, Las Vegas
Wave of the Future Award 2005
Hospitality Design Award 2005: Hotel Q, Berlin
Travel and Leisure Award 2005: Hotel Q, Berlin 
Contract World Award 2005, Best of Category: Hotel Q, Berlin
ArTravel Award 2005, Winner: Hotel Q, Berlin
2004Hans Schaefers Preis 2004, Auszeichnung: Hotel Q, Berlin
Honor Award, AIA, Los Angeles: Hotel Q, Berlin
Contract World Award 2004, 2nd Prize: Neue Sentimental Marina del Rey, CA
2003Femb Award, 2nd Prize - Best Office 2002: Zeal Pictures Office in Berlin, Germany
European Design Award: Zeal Pictures Office in Berlin, Germany
1999Lenne Preis, 1st Prize: Marx-Engels-Forum in Berlin, Germany Design Competition for the 'central public space' in Berlin, Germany
1998Genetic Bastards, with Roger Kurath
International Baunnetz Competition, 3rd Prize