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Sea Life Series

George Karbus welcomes his audience to the beautiful and diverse world below the water. His photos portray sea life in such calm, quiet moments that they radiate an aura of weightlessness. In Karbus’ work, whales and dolphins seem to slow themselves down, taking time to connect with their viewer.
To complete this series George Karbus traveled the world’s oceans, from the tropical South Seas to the icy Russian Arctic. Throughout his journey he managed to build a bond with the animals, which becomes palpable within the series and provides a profound emotional depth. While just outside of Tonga, he came across a young humpback whale who rose above the surface and seemed to pause, as if to cast the viewer a curious glance. The whale was not disturbed by Karbus’ presence, it rather piqued his interest. While in the white sea, the belugas approached the photographer without hesitation, ready to strike a pose for the camera.

Karbus creates powerful imagery with skillful artistic means that provide his audience with insight into the life of animals. His clever use of light provides the photos with a mystical atmosphere. The light appears to come from the depths of the ocean, shining up towards the animals, lifting them up. The works reveal the nuances of the photographs in subtle, dusty blue hues, giving the reflections in the water a painterly effect.

George Karbus was born in the Czech Republic. He found his love of both photography and the sea in Ireland, where he has lived for several years. He loves the Irish coast and its breathtaking landscapes, yet remains forever searching for new motifs, whether they reveal themselves above or below the water. His work has been exhibited in Washington, Hong Kong, London, and Japan, as well as published in prominent magazines such as Nature’s Best, BBC Wildlife magazine, BBC Focus, Nikon Pro and Outdoor Photography. In the last few years, Karbus has received several international awards, including the Outdoor Photographer of the Year Award in 2010.

Quote: “I try to capture the beauty of our fragile world, to show everyone how truly precious nature is. Perhaps it will inspire people to live in harmony with nature.”


Lives and works in Ireland


Outdoor Photographer of the Year Award 2010 – Overall Winner

Nature´s Best Photography 2012 – Ocean Views: Fourth Place

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2013 – Overall Winner

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 – Finalist of Category: Mammals Behavior