Manhattan at Sunset by Jack Marijnissen
Limited Edition, Edition of: 150, Signed
2016 / 2020 JMR02
Jack Marijnissen
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Manhattan at Sunset

In his Cityscapes series, Jack Marijnissen captures the cosmopolitan city of New York in a remarkably direct way. His use of the window perspective reveals a sense of closeness – and the pre-faced wooden frames enhance the spatial intimacy of the Manhattan skyline. Dutch photographer Marijnissen's work has been nominated several times for the Fine Art Photography Awards.
Manhattan at Sunset
Jack Marijnissen. Limited Edition, Edition of: 150, Signed
63.0 x 47.2

The purpose-built, handmade frame gives the artwork and its individual sections a more prominent character.
Framed, Oak black

65.4 x 49.6" (External dimensions)

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Background Information about Jack Marijnissen
Jack Marijnissen captures the city of New York in a fascinating reverie. His photograph “Sunset in Midtown NYC” depicts the iconic skyline in the glimmering evening light. The entire reality of the city is revealed in this exact instant. Marijnissen transforms the light and color into an artistic composition. The daylight will soon fade and the noise with transition into the quiet of night, but the magical mood of this unique moment remains intact.

The Dutch artist walks the streets of New York, preferring the morning blue hour or after sunset in the gloaming. In his own words: “It is incredible what a difference it makes when you go through the streets and everything is quiet and peaceful.” Using his camera, Marijnissen pinpoints this quiet and perfectly captures it for all eternity.

With the hand-finished Wood Lattice Frame set on top, the LUMAS artwork “Sunset in Midtown NYC” has a very unique appearance. For the viewer, it is like looking out at the city through a window. You can really feel the looming quiet that slowly comes over the city with the setting of the sun. Marijnissen says: “The colors and people that mix with the architecture in the cities give me energy and the motivation to create my photos.”
Born in Sint Willebrord, Netherlands
Studied at the School of Photography in Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Nominated for multiple Fine Art Photography Awards (Categories: Fine Art, Cityscape)
Numerous solo and group exhibitions, including at Fotogalerie Utrecht and the Contemporary Art Fair in Amsterdam
Lives and works in Liège, Belgium