Braganza by Anton Sparx
Anton Sparx


2016 / 2017
Limited Edition, Edition of: 100, Signed
39.4 x 39.4
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Minuscule optical prisms create movement in the lenticular picture.
Framed, Aluminium Artbox black

39.8 x 39.8" (External dimensions)

$ 2,990.00
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Background Information about Anton Sparx
In his series Vanity, Anton Sparx examines the way diamonds reflect light and color. His dazzling artworks depict world-famous jewels. After it the champagne-colored Braganza was unearthed in Brazil in the 17th century, the King of Portugal had it imported to Lisbon. Napoleon invaded in 1807, and the gem has been missing ever since. But Sparx preserves its beauty for all eternity. At 41 carats, the Green Dresden is the largest natural green diamond in the world. The history of the priceless jewel can be traced back to 18th century London. It is now on display at Dresden Castle.

For these lenticulars, Anton Sparx layers multiple abstract digital paintings to create fascinating color interactions. Vanity refers to the concept of human self-reflection and all the exploration that entails. Sparx’s diamonds are hypnotizing in their magnificence, their shimmering beauty brings us under their spell.
South American artist Anton Sparx studied architecture in Brazil. His work has featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout South America. Additionally, Sparx has worked with some of the most celebrated artists and architects in the industry for decades.