Black and White Nudes for Sale

Black and white nude photography is where tradition meets modernity. From classic female nudes to beautiful photo portraits of celebrities and everyday subjects, the Lumas portfolio of black and white nude photography has it all. Explore our curated selection of elegant black and white art nudes.

Nude Black and White Photography

Originally created by classic photographers like Man Ray and Dora Kallmus (Madame d'Ora), black and white photography became a preffered medium for capturing the nude form, even after the invention of color photography. Throughout its history, nude black and white art has been a mirror onto society, a site where our passions and anxieties about sexuality meet the refined demands of artistic form.

Today, photographers use sophisticated digital methods, and make intricate use of light and shadow, in order to get at rich black and white textures mapped onto the male and female body. For the nude photographer, the body is a vast landscape, from which both natural and abstract forms emerge.

Prints by Lumas photo artists are available as limited-editions, typically produced in print runs from 75-150. Explore our collection of photos, and find a rare black and white nude portrait today!

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