Cornelia by Günter Rössler
Limited Edition, Edition of: 150, Estate Stamp
1979 / 2006 GRO05
Günter Rössler
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Günter Rössler. Limited Edition, Edition of: 150, Estate Stamp
17.7 x 25.7
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Photo mount frame Hamburg, profile width: 0.79", Canadian Maple, Brown, 29.5 x 37.5" (External dimensions)

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Background Information about Günter Rössler
There’s a lot written about the differences between East and West Germany and the topic of nudity is not left out. The implicitness with which someone from the east viewed nudity in private spaces, would never be obtained by someone from the west. This is most obvious in nude photography.  Western nude photography from the 50’s onward is steeped in an extreme abstraction, with bodies stylized as graphical compositions, devoid of any eroticism.   “The nude is reduced to characteristic, basic shapes, non-specific symbols of the female body until the subject matter is simply presented as a building block to the pictorial composition,” said Otto Steinert, 1954. “The cropped images devoid of heads… further remove the sphere of all personal and erotic imagination.”
If you simply glance at the photographs of the Leipziger photographer, Günter Rössler (*1926), they appear as the antithesis to the dictum of Essen’s famous photography professors. With complete sobriety, Rössler presents homage to sensuality, and desires for his audience not only an aesthetic sensitivity, but also a fair amount of emotionalism.He aims for more than the formal play of shadow but not for provocation, as Helmut Newton or Mapplethorpe did. His approach focuses on the classical nude through and through and refuses to objectify the models completely. Instead, he integrates their individuality into the pictures, which  long agowon him a name in the field. The results are convincing as passionate appraisals of the female body and stops on the search for beauty and youth. 

Dr. Boris von Brauchitsch
1926 born in Leipzig, Germany
1946Photo lab assistant in Bad Nauheim, Germany
1947-1951Photography at the Akademie Leipzig (Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig) under Prof. Johannes Widmann
since 1951Fashion and advertising photographer in Germany and abroad
1956Co-Founder of action fotografie
1972concentration on nude photography
1979Initiator of the GDR’s 1st Akt-Pleinairs in Höfgen
1981Member of the Gild of Visual Artists in the GDR
1991Co-Founder of the photography modelling agency VOILÀ!
1996Appointment to the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie DGPh, Cologne, Germany
2012died in Leipzig, Germany
2006Große Retrospektive Günter Rössler. Es geschieht in den Augen – Fotografien aus sechs Jahrzehnten – Reprotage – Mode – Akt, Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig
1998Günter Rössler Retrospective, Grassi-Museum Leipzig
1983IX. Art Exhibition of the GDR, Dresden
“Leipziger Photograpy Today,“ Museum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig
1977“Medium Photography“, Staatliche Galerie Moritzburg, Halle