LUMAS x The Skateroom

LUMAS x the Skateroom is a new collection of bold skateboard art, featuring prints from some of the 20th Century’s greatest artists. As well as commanding attention, these works have a social impact - 10% of all profits fund community projects for youth in need. Find out more here.

Andy Warhol


Andy Warhol is one on the most influential figures in contemporary art & culture. Renowned for his use of unorthodox mediums in his art, this fusion of skateboards and printing is a fitting homage to the maverick. Inspired by Warhol’s own pop art, these unique pieces blur the lines between fine art and popular culture.

Keith Haring


Emerging from New York City’s alternative art scene of the late 70s and early 80s, Keith Haring developed an unmistakable style inspired largely by the city’s omnipresent graffiti. In his short yet intense career, Haring was committed to making his art available to as wide of an audience as possible. These skateboard wall art objects are a perfect extension of that concept.

Jean-Michel Basquiat


In the 80s, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s art could be found where skateboarding now thrives: the city streets. By the time Basquiat rose to international stardom, his work was already known throughout New York. These skateboards celebrate his characteristic visual vocabulary, incorporating elements from jazz music and pop culture.

René Magritte


René Magritte is one of the most influential Surrealist painters. His powerful pieces question our perception of reality and give familiar objects new meaning. This playfulness is reflected in the Skateroom collection. By displaying his work on the entirely new medium of skateboard decks, we expand on Magritte's recurring artistic themes.

Robert Rauschenberg


Robert Rauschenberg was an expert at weaving different artistic genres together. His art is a continuous dialogue between media, styles and techniques. These skate decks encapsulate the wonderful relationship between the real and the abstract, between art and the “ready-made.”

A skateboard deck from LUMAS x the Skateroom is a true collector’s item. Created in partnership with the Skateroom, each sale supports social projects for young people across the world. 10% of all proceeds go directly to funding projects in South Africa, Afghanistan, and Cambodia. As little as $20 can provide 150 Afghan girls with safe transport to school for an entire week. Find out more about the initiative here.