State of the Art

State of the Art

LUMAS sculptures and objects add a unique ambience to any room. Explore the highlights of our diverse selection now: world-famous, sensational rabbits by Jeff Koons, Moto Waganari's elegant dancing sculptures, and acrylic works - these captivating objects look stunning whether standing or hanging from a wall, faeturing bold motifs of flowers and animals.

Art Objects

Exceed all expectations! Our Art Objects guarantee joy. Bring home one of these extraordinary sculptures and give the perfect gift. Find works by Jeff Koons, Rainer Lagemann, and many more in our collection.

Design Objects

Our design objects make for ideal gifts. They merge modern design with contemporary art to suit every combination of taste and styles.

Acrylic Objects

Our high quality acrylic objects showcase art with depth - their volume introduces new dimesions into concept of wall art. Whether displayed freestanding or hanging on the wall, they never cease to fascinate.