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William Patino’s artworks evoke an immense feeling of vastness and freedom. At the same time, they are testimonies to the sublime beauty of nature. The Australian landscape photographer’s creations entail precise compositions that can only be captured with lots of experience and knowledge. Masterfully, Patino finds the right perspective, moment, and the appropriate technological tools necessary. Only then can he turn a blissful moment in the great outdoors into a lasting experience and an impressive work of art. This series is dedicated to Patino’s adopted country. To him, New Zealand is simply the most beautiful place in the world and an endless source of inspiration. He takes hikes that last several days, exploring the mountains, valley, and lake landscapes that are far off the beaten path. Even as an experienced and much travelled photographer, the nature there always provides something surprise him. There, in direct contact with nature, Patino creates his art. After growing up in an urban environment he has learned to appreciate the extraordinary feeling that the vast landscapes of New Zealand can evoke. This experience was not accessible for him for a large portion of his life and values it more because of that.

The astonishing depth effect in his works is created through perfect technical execution, but also through skillful composition with plants and trees in the foreground. Using this technique, Patino creates an effective contrast between proximity and vastness, which leaves the viewer with an undeniably energetic impression.

Patino practices landscape photography, an art form founded in the 19th century by Hermann Krone, among others. This type of photography was continued in the 20th century by famous artists, such as Ansel Adams. For his photography, Patino seeks out unspoiled nature, not yet changed or reshaped by human hands. He aims to create a realistic depiction that can convey the unclouded spirit and atmosphere of a place. This way, he can bring the viewers on the journey with him, and he can share the experience of the vastness and beauty he has grown to admire.

William Patino was born on the east coast of Australia and now lives with his family in New Zealand. For several years he has been an active and very successful professional photographer, primarily focusing on landscape. His work is sought after and beloved by many prestigious clients, as well as published in various renowned magazines. His workshops, which he organizes all over the world, are just as in demand as his art.