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Steffie de Leeuw is a Dutch multimedia artist and designer. She has been a creative for as long as she can remember – after studying art in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, de Leeuw has amassed international praise for her contemporary artworks, incorporating a range of techniques and materials from photography to oil painting. This versatility allows her to utilize the most fitting format possible to showcase her unbound imagination. Throughout her paintings, De Leeuw pushes the medium forward whilst honoring the rich tradition of nature painting. De Leeuw brings a fresh new approach to this traditional medium, her lush natural works incorporating artistic techniques both old and new to create a singular collection of works.


Steffie De Leeuw is a Dutch visual artist and designer who lives and works in Amsterdam. After studying art in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, De Leeuw has quickly gained acclaim for her diverse portfolio of artworks that include oil painting, graphic design and digital art. Her imaginative works have featured at international exhibitions.