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Water is an essential resource for survival – and one that has become an increasingly scarce commodity. Populations worldwide are facing challenges as they seek access to clean drinking water. Photographer Florian Wagner addresses this current issue in an impactful way: He captures 360-degree images of well-known seaside locations – such as Cape Town and Miami – immersed in their coastal ecosystems. Despite being surrounded by water, they are affected by increasing water scarcity. Throughout his works, Wagner succeeds in associating fascinating places with sensitive subject matters. Urban locales and natural beauty are intertwined to create lasting impressions that simultaneously evoke astonishment and inspire reflection.

For his Worldwidewater series, Wagner spent a lot of time in cities talking to locals and organizations to gain a better understanding of the water use situation. In order to execute his ideas, he boarded special helicopters that allowed him to capture elaborate 360-degree shots. The end result? Perfect compositions that convey the spirit of the Worldwidewaters project. The idea for this series originated from a past project of his titled African Waters, in which he initially addressed the problem of water scarcity and how it affects both nature and the people of the African continent.

Florian Wagner is an internationally renowned, award-winning photographer. His unconventional approach has gained him much notoriety. For example, the artist crossed Germany on horseback for his Adventure Germany project, capturing his experiences with photographs. Other projects of his have included portraits of Mongolian eagle hunters and Australian cowboys working in the outback.