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Art in vogue: In the modern, collage-like works of British artist and designer Evelyn Morgan, influences from visual design, fine art, and the fashion industry culminate in an explosion of color. A blend of abstract lines, shapes, and portraits is created, a combination of both analog and digital arts and crafts. Her works are formed at the intersection of complex conceptualization and spirited sensuality – intuition meets expertise, creativity meets craftsmanship, passion meets precision. Throughout a design process based on oil and acrylic paint and embroidery, her enthusiasm for color and technical finesse harmonizes. The results are compelling eyecatchers reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s luminescent coloration and the alluring elegance of vintage fashion magazines. The artist’s courageous decision to take on a professional shift, to immerse herself in the world of art and wholeheartedly dedicate herself to her passion promptly came to fruition as her winning pieces led on to award-winning exhibitions in internationally renowned galleries. 


1989       Born in United Kingdom
2008      Art Foundation from Northampton University
2011      BA Hons Graphic Design Degree from the University of Nottingham Trent
2021       Featured on Saatchi Art Online
                 Won an award at The Holy Art Gallery, London


2022     Ready to Wear Group Exhibition, Online

                The Other Art Fair, The Truman Brewery, London
                Leaf, Plants & Art, Box Park London

                The Other Art Fair, The Truman Brewery, London
                The Holy Art, The Holy Art Gallery

2021      The Holy Art, The Holy Art Gallery

                The Other Art Fair, The Truman Brewery

                The Other Art Fair, London Kings Cross